“OnePlus Dayz” : Premium Renewed OnePlus Devices Available at ControlZ

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ControlZ, a premium r

New Delhi, 11th August 2023 – ControlZ, a premium renewed smartphone brand, is excited to introduce the upcoming “OnePlus Dayz”, scheduled to run from 9th August to 16th August 2023. This exclusive event is set to revolutionize the smartphone market by offering premium renewed OnePlus devices at irresistible prices. The deal price would be starting as low as ₹8,499 and reach up to ₹47,999.

The central theme of the “OnePlus Dayz” campaign is to make the iconic OnePlus experience accessible to a wider audience. ControlZ recognizes the desire of smartphone enthusiasts to own premium devices without compromising on quality. With the “OnePlus Dayz” campaign, ControlZ aims to bridge this gap and offer a unique opportunity for everyone to embrace the OnePlus legacy. It aims to show that premium doesn’t have to mean unaffordable.

During the “OnePlus Dayz” campaign, customers can lay their hands on an extensive range of OnePlus smartphones at unprecedented prices. Here are some of the remarkable deals:

Model Sale Price
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G ₹43,999
OnePlus 5 ₹8,499
OnePlus 6 ₹10,499
OnePlus 7 ₹13,499

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