Amazon miniTV salutes the undying spirit of our Rakshaks with their upcoming title: Rakshak- India’s Braves: Chapter 1: Trailer out now

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Amazon miniTV salutes t

Mumbai, 11th August 2023 Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, is all set to tug the heartstrings of viewers with emotions of pride, love, and euphoria. Embracing the essence of nationalism while upholding the embers of patriotism, the streaming service today unveiled the trailer of Rakshak- India’s Braves, Chapter 1, Kahani Jammu Station Ki. Inspired by real-life incidents, the 3-part film is a beautiful tale of Lt Triveni Singh, a young soldier who sacrificed his own life to safeguard over 300 civilians who were caught in the crossfire, while trying to secure Jammu Railway Station. Directed by Akshay Chaubey, and Produced by Juggernaut, the film starring Varun Mitra, Kanika Mann, Mrinal Naval, Mrinal Kulkarni, and Mohit Chauhan in pivotal roles will premiere on 11th August exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free.

With high-octane battle sequences, realistic and taut action, enthralling cinematography, and intriguing character arcs, the trailer gives a glimpse of this courageous and heroic story. Chapter 1 traces the life of Ashok Chakra awardee Lt Triveni Singh, where his professional life is juxtaposed with his personal life and gives glimpses of his love story, along with highlighting his story of valor and love for the nation. The trailer witnesses Triveni Singh bravely fighting and gunning down terrorists in direct combat and selflessly sacrificing his life to save the lives of citizens. The goosebumps-inducing, action-filled scenes will definitely leave us teary-eyed and distraught.

“Rakshak-India’s Braves: Chapter 1 is our humble tribute to the armed forces who are a source of inspiration, sacrifice, valour and courage to all of us. It’s an honour to bring the incredible story of Lt Triveni Singh to audiences across the country,” said Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, Amazon miniTV.

Varun Mitra, shared, “This is the story of each and every soldier who fought for our country and to safeguard the citizens. Lt. Triveni Sigh laid down his life for us, and this holds true for all the other martyrs as well. This film is an homage to all of them and reminds us of the kind of sacrifices the armed forces make so that we can live freely and safely. Playing a real-life combat hero is a huge challenge for any actor, and it’s a huge source of pride as well. There is pressure and responsibility that comes along while portraying this kind of role. Rakshak is the story of bravery and courage that the martyrs display on the battlefield.”

“I really want to express my gratitude towards the Indian Army’s courage and valour as well as the families of the army. Unfolding the events and emotions behind what happened at the Jammu Station, Rakshak traces the story of Lt. Triveni Singh who sacrifices his life for the country and the citizens. Rakshak- India’s Brave is a film that recreates a real-life heroic story and of what has actually happened. I have put all efforts to be honest and real to the character that I play. When you play a real-life person there is a lot of responsibility that goes behind it and so I have been as authentic as possible to this role,” shared Kanika Mann while talking about the film and her role.

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