Mrs. Stuti Karan Bedi: Vice President (PR & Corporate Relations) at JMD Group

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Mrs. Stuti Karan Bedi, Vice President (PR & Corporate Relations) at JMD Group, is a dedicated and strong personality who has devoted over ten years to JMD Group. Despite being a mother of two, Mrs. Bedi has demonstrated that women can balance work and family. She is a member of YFLO and is proud of her involvement in EO Gurgaon. She is a strong advocate for youth education and has financed the education of several children. Mrs. Bedi has been instrumental in JMD Group’s growth and has played a crucial role in achieving the company’s goal of delivering high-quality real estate for future generations. Her success is a testament to the changing landscape of the male-dominated real estate industry, where women are now making significant strides.

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