Bhagyashree Singh: Founder at

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Bhagyashree Singh, founder of, has a keen eye for perception of market trends. Her luxurious approach has shaped the marketing and advertising industry into one that stands for sophistication and value. Bhagyashree has a degree in English Honorsfrom Delhi University and Master’s in Marketing. Her ongoing love for creativity has spurred her to find new ways to express her true essence to the world. Her philosophy revolves around using art and strategy as part of an effective marketing plan – something which comes as second nature to her. She is constantly questioning the status quo by asking “Why can’t I do it my way? Why do I have to stick to the rules? Why can’t I be different?”

She has become her own heroic boss by laying the groundwork for, a world of brave entrepreneurship, which has been widely admired for her expertise in leading advertising and marketing trends. She puts great faith in intelligent methodology and strategies when it comes to Marketing and Advertising, assisting her in progressing over the past decade. Merakii Group is responsible for many of the most renowned corporate creative strategy areas in the nation. Bhagyashree has designed countless projects of varied genres related to the Marketing Field, such as public relations, campaign development, corporate strategy, and online marketing – all with her own glamorous style. This passion for detail and planning for her dream has definitely played a major role in achieving success.

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