Makarand Narwekar’s innovative tree plantation execution at Marine Lines on World Environment garnered a huge traction amongst the audience

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Makarand Narweka

World Environment Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm across the nation. Environmentalists, celebrities, and activists from different facets came ahead and contributed their part for the well-being of the environment. Colaba’s Former Corporator who is also a renowned Advocate took a different angle to make this day a memorable one. Makarand along with the youth of the Rotaract Club started off the day with 500 saplings along the pedestrian area.

Followed by this, the initiative was extended to Nariman Point where Makarand Narwekar handed 200 saplings to the families of the individuals traveling by Uber’s latest travel invention e-carriage, replacing the ‘Godha Gadi’ that circles the mesmerizing sight for the eye Queen’s Necklace. The Former Corporator was also spotted explaining the utmost salience of preserving and protecting the environment while distributing those saplings and appealing the responsible citizens to plant the same.

In an exclusive conversation with us, Makarand Narwekar said, “As responsible citizens of the country it is an utter happiness and satisfaction to be able to conduct these plantation drives. The citizens who supported us also took an oath to opt for more sustainable alternatives. It is truly very important that one enacts this righteousness not only today but every day from now on! Supporting this aim, we have multiple campaigns aligned in the coming days as well.”

Narwekar subsequently supported countless attempts to embellish his representing region, with impressive initiatives like bicycle-sharing services in conjunction with Mybyk, tree-planting drives, and many more. This event is undoubtedly the culmination of Narwekar’s ongoing efforts to enhance the environment and make it suitable for society.

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