NexGen Energia Set to Revolutionize India’s Energy Sector with Plans to Establish 100 EV Charging Stations Through Franchise Model

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NexGen Energia Set to Revolutionize India's Energy

New Delhi, April 12, 2023: NexGen Energia, a leading green fuel energy company, is expanding its operations across India with plans to establish 100 EV charging stations nationwide through a franchise model. The company aims to redefine the energy sector with its unique business model and build business ecosystems by offering an ideal and profitable business opportunity with low risk. Interested entrepreneurs can establish EV charging stations with production buyback guarantees and receive support for branding, marketing, training vendors, technology transfer, and structured operations from NexGen Energia. The company seeks franchise partners nationwide who demonstrate strong leadership skills and the ability to uphold world-class standards. The new business opportunities offered include electric charging stations, CNG (CBG) green diesel production, and CBG/Green Diesel Retail Outlets across the nation.

NexGen Energia’s Founder and Chairman, Dr Piyush Dwivedi, commented on the company’s plans, stating that strategically located states with well-developed infrastructure, ample power availability, and favourable weather conditions make them the best bet to lead this industry. The company hopes to create an energy revolution and establish itself as a leading national provider of comprehensive green fuel energy solutions.

Dr Dwivedi added that the company’s innovative business model of buyback guarantees, training, and vendor support is assisting them in expanding their business nationally. With the government’s support through subsidies, income tax benefits, GST benefits, land conversion, and NOCs, NexGen Energia hopes to accelerate the adoption of green fuel with its ultramodern technologies of global standards and vast experience in waste to energy sector. The company intends to give a notable contribution to the growing demand for fuel and alternative energy resources of India.

The company continues to provide technological and policy support to meet the growing demands of its franchisee partners and the market while strengthening its marketing and branding foundation. NexGen Energia aims to continue scaling with the business through its commitment to providing a world-class, innovative, and risk-free intelligent business opportunity to maximize profitability to its partners

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