IndusInd Bank Scores Big at ‘Anthem Companion Programme’ of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

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Bangalore, 22nd November 2023:: IndusInd Bank, a Global Partner of the ICC, is delighted to witness the success of the ‘Anthem Companion Programme’ at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, which has not just made a remarkable brand presence for IndusInd Bank, but also has deepened the engagement with its valued employees, customers and stakeholders throughout the tournament.

Under the Anthem Companion programme at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, IndusInd Bank’s customers, employees and stakeholders were given the opportunity to get their children to participate in the teams’ walk out onto the field before the start of match and pay respect to the national anthems, creating a memorable experience during the Cricket World Cup. More than just a series of events, the programme enriched the overall experience with exclusive on-field access, engaging brand activations and the chance to witness some of the best cricketing action.

The Anthem Companion programme of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 has created memorable moments for 1440 children and their respective parents over 48 matches spread across 10 cities, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Dharamshala, Mumbai, Pune and Lucknow fostering a sense of shared enthusiasm for the sport. Here are experiences as narrated by the proud parents whose children were part of the Anthem Companion Programme:

Sachin Gogia, a customer of IndusInd Bank who attended India vs Netherlands match in Bengaluru with daughter Grace Gogia, expressed, “We thoroughly appreciate that our daughter Grace was given an opportunity to walk alongside the players for Anthem companion programme that was hosted just before the India vs Netherlands cricket match in Bengaluru on 12 November 2023. Our daughter was very happy with the entire experience and shall cherish this moment forever. Thank you IndusInd Bank for making our Diwali so special.”Below is the photo of Grace Gogia, being part of Anthem Companion programme:

Grace Gogia,







Parameswaran GopalaKrishnan, a customer of IndusInd Bank who attended England vs Sri Lanka match in Bengaluru with his son Akhilesh Gopal Krishnan, expressed, “On behalf of my son Akhilesh Krishna and entire family, I am very appreciative to IndusInd Bank for giving my son a unique opportunity to be with England cricket team during the Anthem Companion programme which was hosted just before the England vs Sri Lanka cricket match at Bengaluru on 26th October 2023. It was a big opportunity for my son Akhilesh and he thoroughly enjoyed every moment of being a part of Anthem Companion Programme. This day will always be remembered with a special gratitude to the IndusInd Bank.”

Debabrata Roy, an employee of IndusInd Bank’s Bangalore branch, who attended India vs Australia match with his son Prajwal, expressed, “My son Prajwal Roy was fortunate to participate in the Anthem Companion programme which was hosted just before the start of the India Vs Australia’s world cup match at Chennai on 8th Oct 2023. As an IndusInd Bank employee and a proud father, when my son Prajwal was singing National Anthem along with legendary world cup players, I had goosebumps watching him as one of the 40,000 spectator from the stadium and millions watching it live on their TV sets.”Below is the photo of Prajwal Roy, being part of Anthem Companion programme:

Prajwal Roy,







Rohit Rai Sharma, an employee of IndusInd Bank’s Moga branch, who attended the England Vs Bangladesh match with his son Navansh, shared his gratitude, “My child’s dream came true when he was accompanying his cricket idols for the National Anthem celebration which was hosted just before the England vs Bangladesh cricket match at Dharamshala on 10th Oct. Being a part of the National Anthem program for the ICC World Cup Match at India’s most beautiful stadium, Dharamshala, is a lifetime memory for our 7 year-old son, Navansh. This event will help kids realise the importance of hard work in life and that dreams do come true!”Below is the photo of  being part of Anthem Companion programme:

Navansh Sharma,

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