Hoopr collaborates with Myntra FWD and StayVista to launch a new music IP – ‘SoundEscape’

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Hoopr collaborates

Mumbai, 11th November 2023: Hoopr, a cutting-edge music licensing platform based in Mumbai, has joined forces with Myntra FWD to introduce a groundbreaking new Intellectual Property (IP) named SoundEscape, a one-of-its-kind experiential event specially curated for content creators, where creators are invited to escape to a beautiful villa and leave behind the hustle of the city, filled with music performed by talented Indie artists.

The first iteration of SoundEscape was held in Goa at a beautiful, luxury villa and the audience consisted of fashion influencers from all over India. In perfect synergy with what Hoopr has to offer, there was live music at the event too with two performing acts – Rupinn Pahwa, ‘The Stage’ Finalist (2016) and award-winning writer of viral song ‘Tareefan’ from the movie ‘Veere Di Wedding,’ and upcoming indie duo Ankit & Aayushi. SoundEscape also culminates into a digital format so that it can be consumed in the form of music videos across various social platforms.

One of the key purposes of this event is to bring together artists and creators, essentially connecting the people who make the music with the ones who use it. SoundEscape is viewed as a new and creative take on intimate musical experiences. Gaurav, Dagaonkar, CEO and Co-founder of Hoopr said, “We’re heavily invested in the idea of the creator economy and believe that it can become much bigger than what it is right now. We want to make every effort to enrich and make the lives of creators easier. Music plays a big role in ensuring this happens. We’re also excited to collaborate with Myntra FWD who shares the exact same philosophy as us on the power of the creator economy.”

The synergy between Myntra FWD and Hoopr sparks a memorable alliance that highlights the strengths of both brands and underscores the importance of creators and the creator economy. Myntra FWD expressed their excitement about the collaboration, noting that SoundEscape has set the stage for a remarkable fusion of Fashion, Music, and Creators, promising unique and awe-inspiring experiences in the future.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Hoopr on SoundEscape. The event in Goa set the ball rolling on an exciting IP where Fashion, Music, and Creators will come together to create an unique and unforgettable event. We’re excited for the future of SoundEscape and hope to keep providing creators with an experience that is unique and awe-inspiring! “expressed the Myntra FWD team.

Hoopr is India’s premier music licensing platform with over 12,000 songs, background scores, and sound effects. This is something that content creators, brands, and all users of music who would like to elevate their content need. In addition to this, the amalgamation of music with the presence of creators at StayVista’s luxurious property made for a very interesting setting. One can’t ever go wrong with a night full of fashion, music, and beautiful tropical locations. What was also highlighted was StayVista’s endeavour to make every stay memorable by performing songs and capturing these moments and experiences to create visual memories across StayVista’s luxury villas across the country.

As an IP, SoundEscape that took place in Goa will be the first of many in the near future. The highlight of these events will be artists performing their songs to a small, intimate & curated audience who showcase how music and locations have a positive impact on the creative & human experience. Dagaonkar added, “The synergy between Hoopr, Myntra FWD, and StayVista was evident at SoundEscape. What came through and was highlighted was the fact that music is something that can bring together people and can serve as a flavourful backdrop that elevates any idea. What also complemented this idea was the fabulous villa that StayVista hosted us at. Having a great idea is one thing, having it executed with the perfect backdrop truly made the event one to remember. Going forward, we plan on making this a regular event for creators across the country.”

SoundEscape events facilitate the convergence of two vital yet seldom-connected groups: video and music creators, and musicians. The creator economy is poised to reach new heights, and events like these bring together two distinct but essential groups. They serve as networking opportunities for creators, musicians, brands, and more, promising to elevate SoundEscape and inspire similar future events.

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