For me, this journey was more satisfying as a writer as compared to being an actor says Anandeshwar Dwived

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Mumbai,11th November 2023: Amazon miniTV- Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released a series titled – The Adventures of Lleo. Featuring Anandeshwar Dwivedi as Lleo, it takes us through his adventurous journey filled with unusual survival tricks, and hilarious one-liners, making it a fun watch. Known from the popular series, Permanent Roommates, Anandeshwar Dwivedi, opened up about the preparations he did while writing and playing Lleo on-screen.


Anandeshwar said, “The writing was the main task for this project actually, we did most of the preparation for it. We were writing about Lleo after such a long time, and it was the tough part to write about a character that we are not accustomed with. So most of the work and brushing up was required in writing, for acting I was ready familiar with the character. So when I was writing about it, that made the work easier. We had to create a bizarre world which is also believable, so that people watch it with interest. A story of a person who becomes a millionaire all of a sudden and then loses his possessions, so to show how he is living his life, dealing with situations and to make it entertaining for viewers as well. For me this journey was more satisfying as a writer as compared to being an actor. We always say that writing is the base, and if it is not good, it wont come out as what you wanted it to be. If the script is good, believable and interesting, it makes the work of the actor much easier. So I would say as compared to acting, the writing part was more challenging”

The Adventures of Lleo captures the life of the most adored character from Permanent Roommates, Lleo, also known as Laxman Laal Ebote, unexpectedly becomes wealthy after inheriting $500,000,000 from a Nigerian prince. He is surrounded by Russian girls and leads an opulent life. While playing a game, Lleo clicks on a donation link, gets tricked, and all of his possessions are taken. Lleo’s adventures begin now that he is on the streets where he meets Purushottam the taxi driver who becomes his friend in his journey.

Elevate your mood by experiencing Lleo’s exhilarating and joyful journey, taking on a humorous challenge every other second. Adventures of Lleo is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.

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