Usha organizes Yoga Workshop for Women in Saswad Village, Pune

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20th July 2023: Usha International, India’s leading consumer durables brand, facilitated a day-long yoga workshop in partnership with the Kasturba Trust National Memorial Trust at their premises for the women of Saswad village, Purandar district, Pune. The workshop’s aim was to create awareness amongst these women, about the role yoga can play in regulating their mental and physical well-being. Among the 150 participants were 45 Usha Silai School teachers/ learners and their family members.

Yogacharya Maharudra Shete of Sampurna Swastha Yog Kendra along with Usha Silai School Teacher Varsha Mate, taught participants various asanas and breathing exercises, as well as balanced physical and meditative yoga routines for them to follow. This initiative is among the many that Usha supports as a part of its “PLAY” ethos which promotes healthy and active living through sports amongst local communities.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Komal Mehra, Head – Sports Initiatives and Associations, Usha International said, “Yoga is not a mere exercise. Yog means union — uniting with oneself. The practice of yog helps everyone become self-aware, enabling them to deal with situations with more strength, not just physically, but at an emotional and intellectual level too. Yog was born of ancient wisdom shared by our revered rishis, and supporting such platforms is a privilege for Usha. We are very grateful to the teachers and participants in helping us share and spread this great practice amongst more people across the country.”

Usha is deeply invested in reacquainting people with local indigenous sports activities that not only support a healthy and active living, but also bring communities together in joyful ways. Usha Silai Schools play an important role in these rural sports events, with Silai School women helping organize, promote, and event participate in the events. Usha supports and promotes a wide array of inclusive sporting initiatives across the country, including its association with the Mumbai Indians franchisee, Ultimate Flying Disc, Golf, cricket for the specially-abled, sports for visually challenged (athletics, kabaddi, judo, and powerlifting) as well as indigenous Indian regional sports such as Kalari, Mallakhamb, Siat Khnam, Thang-Ta, Saz-Loung, Satoliya (popularly known as Pithu), etc.

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