Ayurvedant Redefines Wellness Landscape with Innovative Ayurvedic Offerings

Experience the Power of Ayurveda with Ayurvedant – Where Tradition Meets Modern Wellness for a Healthier Tomorrow!

27th Dec 2023, New Delhi: In the pursuit of a healthier and more balanced life, Ayurvedant emerges as a beacon of preventive care, grounded in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Founded on the principle that prevention is superior to cure, Ayurvedant prioritizes holistic well-being for the mind, body, and soul. The brand’s mission centers on providing affordable access to premium Ayurvedic products, catering to diverse age groups and genders. Unlike the traditional approach of turning to medicinal remedies only in times of illness, Ayurvedant advocates for a proactive stance on health.

What sets Ayurvedant apart is its alliance with the esteemed Baidyanath Research Foundation (BRF), boasting over a century of Ayurvedic expertise. With products manufactured in WHO-GMP certified facilities, Ayurvedant ensures consistency through standardized extracts in every batch. The brand takes a modern approach, offering free consultations with doctors and fostering accessibility for millennials and Gen-Z, demystifying Ayurveda for a new era.



Ayurvedant’s product lineup includes notable offerings such as Cardiwin DS, promoting cardiovascular health, and Diawin DS, aiding in blood sugar regulation. The brand also features a range of 100% natural Ready-To-Drink juices without added sugar or preservatives. Striking a harmonious balance between traditional Ayurvedic principles and contemporary scientific methods, Ayurvedant aligns its product development with ancient texts while adhering to modern quality standards.

The commitment to quality and purity is evident in Ayurvedant’s WHO-GMP certified manufacturing processes and the meticulous sourcing of raw ingredients from specific regions across India. The brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability is reflected in its use of recycled plastic for packaging for majority of their products.

Ayurvedant’s vision, as envisioned by its founder, is to make Ayurveda universally accepted and accessible. Unlike traditional Ayurvedic practices, Ayurvedant adopts a modern and straightforward approach, ensuring its products are available both online and in physical stores, reaching a wider audience.


With recent launches like Cannabliss, a hemp-based pain relief oil, and Himalayan Pink Rock Salt, Ayurvedant continues to innovate. The brand’s upcoming additions, including new tea variants like Tulsi & Camomile, and Tulsi, Ginger & Turmeric, showcase its commitment to staying at the forefront of wellness solutions.

For more information about Ayurvedant and its range of Ayurvedic products, visit : https://ayurvedant.com

About Ayurvedant:

Ayurvedant is a wellness brand founded on the principle of preventive health through Ayurveda. Backed by Baidyanath Research Foundation, Ayurvedant offers a range of Ayurvedic products manufactured in WHO-GMP certified facilities. The brand combines traditional wisdom with modern accessibility, making Ayurveda an integral part of a contemporary and holistic lifestyle.

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