Raghnall Insurance Launches Business Cyber Shield to Mitigate Potential Cyber Threats Before They Occur

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Mumbai, April 17, 2023: Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management, a premier insurance broking and risk advisory company, today announced that it has launched ‘Business Cyber Shield,’ a robust platform that offers comprehensive cyber insurance and risk management solutions for corporate.

The new product marks a significant milestone for Raghnall as it expands its available capabilities in the cyber insurance market and strengthens its position as a tech-enabled end-to-end risk management solution. Also, this Platform will bring together advanced risk assessment, protection, and prevention, all in one place, to mitigate potential cyber threats before they occur. Business Cyber Shield is an entirely new approach to the cyber insurance business that not only delivers cyber insurance but also enables the enhancement of security protocols and compliance adherence through an end-to-end risk management solution.

The Platform includes an exclusive Vulnerability Scanner that leverages advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) to give an almost real-time view of the organization’s digital vulnerabilities. Raghnall’s team of experienced security professionals helps organizations identify and prioritize the risks facing their business and offers customized insurance coverage to meet their specific needs to safeguard businesses from costly security breaches.

Elaborating on the product, Mr Amit Goel, Director & Principal Officer at Raghnall Insurance Broking & Risk Management, said, “The release of Business Cyber Shield represents a significant milestone in our company’s commitment to assist businesses in securing their finances and upholding their reputation. Regardless of size or industry, every company is vulnerable to cyber threats. With our new Platform, businesses can rest assured that their cyber security is being monitored continuously, financial liabilities are insured, and any potential weaknesses are being addressed immediately.”

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