Why are Organizations Moving to On-Premise Data Centers

Mr Shisir

Quote By Mr. Shishir Miglani. Co-Founder of Planckdot Technologies.

As Shishir Miglani, Co-Founder of Planckdot Technologies, explains, ‘The cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.’ This realization fueled a wave of ‘cloud repatriation,’ with companies returning to the familiar ground of data centers. Unexpected fees, security concerns, and a mismatch between corporate needs and cloud offerings drove this shift. Now, prefab containerized Edge Data Centers (EDCs) emerge as a compelling alternative, offering cost savings, security, and flexibility. In essence, while public cloud promised agility and cost savings, it’s the predictable costs and direct ownership of data centers and on-prim cloud solutions now regain appeal.”

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