Manipal Institute of Technology inaugurated PING

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Manipal Institute of Technology

 Bengaluru, March 30, 2023, Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) under the Department of Information and Communication Technology (I and CT) inaugurated Ping The theme of the Ping workshop “IEEE Sustainable Development Platform – Next-gen tech. powered by AI.” highlights the importance of sustainable development in the current technological landscape.

The guest of honour of the event was Mr. Sudhir Mahale, Vice President of Cloud & AI Architecture at Deutsche Bank who was cordially introduced by Dr. Manjula Shenoy, Professor, Dept. of I and CT, MIT Manipal. Mr. Sudhir Mahale addressed the need for sustainability and described Artificial Intelligence to be: “A driving force with the ability to combat the most pressing environmental and social challenges facing the world today, including climate change, biodiversity loss, and food security”.

The concept behind this event and the idea of PING was elaborated by Dr. Manohara Pai, the workshop’s originator who spoke briefly on the workshop’s relevance to MIT staff and students over the years and emphasized the necessity of sustainability in all sectors, such as industries and educational institutions, and how AI has become a commodity in today’s world.

The event commenced with a melodious invocation song by Mrs. Pavithra K.C, Research Scholar, Dept. of I and CT MIT Manipal followed by the lighting of the lamp by the esteemed dignitaries present at the event to invoke good spirits.

Dr. Balachandra, Professor of I and CT, introduced the function’s chief guest, Dr. Giridhar Kini, Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) who warmly congratulated one of MIT’s longest iterating workshops- PING, and emphasized how the MAHE management is keen on their endeavors to contribute and educate students on understanding the importance of sustainability.

Looking back at the meticulously planned event Dr. (Cdr) Anil Rana, Director of MIT said that “ At MIT we believe in “introducing fresh themes under the PING workshop every year to help achieve the expanding market expectations”.

The Ping inauguration function was a resounding success where participants had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from industry experts- Mr. Sudhir Mahale, Vice President for Cloud & AI Architecture, Deutsche Bank, Mr. Gautam U Bhat, Customer Success Manager – Architect IBM, Mr. Kiran Puthukudy, Chief Architect & DevOps Leader, cYAAG Technologies, and Mr. Gautam Bhat, CTO, cYAAG Technologies about the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in the field. Following the successful inauguration and the overwhelming response, the convener of ping Dr. Preetham Kumar, Deputy Registrar-Academics (Technical) MAHE, Professor, Dept. of I and CT MIT Manipal, proposed the vote of thanks by expressing his gratitude to the entire team of Dept. of I and CT for the success of the event.

Other dignitaries in attendance included Dr. Smitha Pai, Head of the Department (HOD), Dept. of I and CT MIT, Manipal, Dr. Preetham Kumar, Deputy Registrar-Academics (Technical) MAHE, Professor, Dept. of I and CT MIT Manipal, and Convener of PING, Dr. Manohara Pai M.M., Professor, Dept. of I and CT MIT Manipal, and the founding HOD of the Department of I and CT, and Dr. Veena Mayya, Assistant Professor – Senior Scale, Dept. of I and CT, MIT Manipal and Co-Convener of PING.

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