Yoga Therapist Ranjana Chhabra Announces 14-Day Face Yoga Workshop

Chandigarh, March 28th, 2024 – Ranjana Chhabra, a renowned yoga therapist, has announced the upcoming 14-Day Face Yoga Workshop, starting on March 31, 2024. The workshop, organized under her brand, Vinyasa Yoga Studio, will be conducted digitally allowing individuals from across India to participate from the comfort of their homes. This educational event aims to provide participants with information on various facial yoga exercises that can enhance their facial appearance and strengthen their facial muscles.


The two-week-long event will commence daily at 8:30 PM. Building upon the success of 20 previous workshops, which attracted over 1,378 participants, the upcoming workshop aims to showcase a methodical approach to facial rejuvenation. It will go beyond basic exercises, focusing on facilitating a higher degree of holistic wellness for achieving youthful, glowing skin. Online registrations are currently open, with a special token.

Speaking about her upcoming workshop, Ranjana Chhabra, Founder of Vinyasa Yoga Studio, emphasizes, “There are more than two dozen individual muscles on either side of your face, but you won’t find any equipment at your gym to help strengthen or tone any of them. It’s only possible as long as you remain committed to a consistent practice of facial yoga. Also, the impact of Face Yoga goes beyond beauty, highlighting its ability to stimulate facial blood flow, improve skin health, and alleviate common challenges like migraines. Our workshop aims to provide attendees with a solutions-oriented approach to reframing their beauty routines and embracing holistic wellness.”

The workshop will explore extensive yogic postures, sharing invaluable wisdom on the advantages and techniques of Face Yoga. This will include methods to diminish symptoms of aging, nurturing glowing skin by enhancing facial blood circulation, and providing crucial nutrients to the skin. Ms. Chhabra will also demonstrate advanced yoga techniques to assist in minimizing facial fat, blemishes, and double chins. Furthermore, she will also exhibit immaculate massage techniques to obtain a sharp and angular jawline for the participants.

Ranjana has gained significant recognition for her approach to face yoga in India, as well as in countries such as Australia and Thailand. The upcoming workshop will reaffirm these values to its participants, offering its benefits to attendees of all ages and genders. Special emphasis will be placed on explaining that it is never too late to start practicing facial yoga, without the need for specialized tools, allowing practitioners to exercise it at their convenience regardless of time and location.

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