World-Renowned Pianist Maksim Mrvica Endorses Urtopia’s Sleek and Smart Chord E-Bike

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24 April 2023 Utopia, the innovative smart e-bike technology company, is excited to announce its collaboration with world-renowned pianist Maksim Mrvica as the first brand ambassador for its sleek and stylish Chord E-bike.

World-Renowned Pianist Maksim Mrvica Endorses

Maksim, with over 4 million albums sold in 57 countries, is a pioneering pianist, widely recognized as the world’s best-selling crossover artist. At our initial meeting, Maksim had just concluded his latest recital. With a towering height of 6 feet 9 inches, he exuded warmth and courtesy, elegantly dressed in a black suit complemented by rock-inspired accessories and tattoos adorning his arms. In an interview, Maksim revealed that he appreciates the personalized touch and perfect fit conveyed by his fashion choices. It is evident that Maksim is not only a renowned classical crossover pianist but also a tasteful fashionista with high standards. Since his foray into crossover music in the early 2000s, Maksim has consistently breathed new life into the classics while preserving the genre’s essence. His passion for music and high-quality design made him the perfect fit for Urtopia’s philosophy of “design is soul.” When he first laid eyes on the Chord E-bike, he was instantly drawn to its simple yet elegant design, stating that it is “passionate and innovative at the same time.”

Urtopia, a technology-driven Ebike company, challenges the traditional design standards of the bicycle industry with its unique style. Urtopia Chord E-bike is inspired by the piano, with its unique design style capturing the essence of the musical instrument. Maksim was impressed by the Chord’s power, reliability, and elegant design, stating that it was “just like my favorite E-bike.”

What’s more, Urtopia is committed to providing excellent customer service, with free shipping and 14-day returns throughout the EU and the US. Its warehouse and after-sales center are located in Germany and the United States, and it has over 50 test ride service points. Anyone interested in the Chord E-bike can book a free test ride on the website. Additionally, Utopia has partnered with the German JobRad platform to offer bike leasing. This benefit is not available with all E-bike brands.

Experience the power and elegance of Urtopia’s Chord E-bike, as endorsed by the world-renowned pianist Maksim Mrvica. Visit the Utopia website to learn more about the innovative Chord E-bike and the company’s commitment to quality and service.

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