“Western Australia, Queensland, and Ireland Accelerate BioAsia’s Momentum “

Hyderabad, February 17, 2024: BioAsia, Asia’s premier biotechnology and life sciences forum, is proud to announce the expansion of its global network with the addition of new international partners for the 2024 edition. Earlier, Flanders had joined the event as the international region partner. Joining forces with Flanders, BioAsia welcomes Western Australia, Ireland, and Queensland as esteemed partners, further solidifying its position as a leading platform for innovation and collaboration in the life sciences sector.

Ms. Amber- Jade Sanderson, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Mental Health, Western Australia.

 While announcing Global partners, Mr. D Sridhar Babu, Hon’ble Minister for Industries and IT, Government of Telangana said, “It is a great time for life sciences in India, particularly in Telangana. With these new international partnerships, we are taking Telangana to newer heights focussed on economic growth and job creation. But importantly it is about exchanging knowledge, technology transfer to pace up research and innovation.”

 The inclusion of these prestigious regions as global partners underscores BioAsia’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and driving progress in healthcare and biotechnology. With a shared vision of advancing scientific discovery and improving global health outcomes, BioAsia and its partners are poised to create new opportunities for growth and development in the life sciences industry. Each partner brings unique expertise and resources to the table, contributing to BioAsia’s mission of catalysing innovation and driving progress in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

 Western Australia, renowned for its cutting-edge research and development initiatives, joins BioAsia with a wealth of knowledge in biotechnology and medical innovation. The delegation will be led by Ms. Amber Jade Sanderson, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Mental Health, Western Australia and comprise of about 40 members representing Industry, Research / Academia and Start-ups.

 “We are thrilled to partner with BioAsia 2024, a premier platform for advancing innovation in the life sciences industry. Western Australia’s commitment to healthcare excellence aligns perfectly with Telangana and BioAsia’s mission, and we look forward to leveraging this partnership to drive impactful collaborations and accelerate breakthrough discoveries. Together, we aim to shape the future of healthcare and improve outcomes for patients around the world.” said Ms. Amber- Jade Sanderson, Hon’ble Minister for Health and Mental Health, Western Australia.

 Ireland, a global powerhouse in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices, brings its rich legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship to the BioAsia platform. Ireland’s life sciences sector has a global reputation for operational and innovational excellence with over several leading industry names including  Novartis, AbbVie, Janssen, Pfizer, Sanofi, Lilly, AstraZeneca, MSD, Bristol Myers Squibb and Takeda, who have significant operations contributing to exports of €116+ billion annually.

 Queensland, recognized as a hub for healthcare innovation and excellence, offers BioAsia valuable insights and resources in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, and digital health. As a leader in fostering industry-academia partnerships, Queensland’s involvement will undoubtedly bolster BioAsia’s efforts in driving transformative change and breakthrough discoveries.

 Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce and Information Technology, Govt of Telangana said, “BioAsia got scaled at an unprecedent level with every passing year. This year we have Western Australia, Queensland & Ireland coming together as additional partners this year. This will elevate the pace of research through sharing of resources and information exchange as countries come in collaboration. We look forward to the association.”

 “We are thrilled to welcome Western Australia, Ireland, and Queensland as our newest global partners for BioAsia 2024,” said Shakthi M. Nagappan, CEO of BioAsia. “Their participation at BioAsia enhances the diversity and expertise of our vibrant lifesciences ecosystem, enabling us to better serve the needs of our global community and drive meaningful impact in the field of life sciences.”

 With the theme of – “Data & AI: Redefining Possibilities, to deliberate the possibility of reshaping the future of healthtech delivery paradigm in the country.”, BioAsia 2024 is all set to be held between 26th to 28th February 2024 in Hyderabad. Over the three days, prominent industry leaders, distinguished scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs will come together to discuss humanizing healthcare and will hold constructive discussions on how cross-sectional ecosystems can be integrated, how disruptive technologies can be best utilized, and how we can drive quality healthcare with accessibility and affordability at the forefront in the near future.

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