Universal Ai University Launches India’s 1st Metaverse and AI based Admissions Process

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India: Universal Ai University, India’s First AI University, nestled in the picturesque valley near Mumbai’s heart, Karjat has announced an innovative admissions process through the metaverse called “Eventuality.”. This platform transcends traditional admission methods by providing an engaging and transformative student journey experience that transcends traditional admission techniques. Eventuality not only transforms the admissions process, but it also demonstrates Universal Ai University’s dedication to visionary creativity and technological ability.

Universal Ai University's AI based Platform - Eventuality

The standard educational system frequently fails to captivate students’ imaginations, resulting in disengagement and a lack of passion. Universal AI acknowledges this difficulty and strives to improve the admissions experience by making it more fascinating and immersive. Eventuality represents a step into the future of education, embracing the metaverse as a driver of change.

In the metaversal adventure known as Eventuality, students embark on a life-altering journey that takes place beyond the confines of conventional web interfaces. The platform has a user-friendly interface that allows students to easily interact with the environment and select avatars that represent their digital presence.

Eventuality introduces the Droid, a digital companion (ROBOT) who assists applicants through their metaversal adventure. The Droid welcomes candidates, administers dynamic aptitude tests, facilitates personal interviews (PI), and provides a superior and smooth contact experience. Eventuality revolutionizes the admissions process by combining optimization algorithms, crowd-generating tools, and visual-enhancing technologies.

Candidates also get a 360° campus visit experience, with the Droid accompanying candidates to the admission test room, administering tests, and providing results quickly. The Droid oversees virtual interviews, which university administration reviews and distributes via email or read out by the Droid. Candidates can even schedule their own interview slots, marking a significant stride towards a humanless admissions process—an unprecedented feat exclusive to Universal Ai University. Also, in multiple phases elements using AI will allow for the selection of candidates based on sophisticated Ai models based on the wholistic admission eligibility criteria.

Why eventuality? Eventuality departs from typical web interfaces, providing an intuitive and seamless metaverse exploration experience. Candidates can easily browse and interact within the virtual environment.

Universal Ai University’s adoption of the metaverse is revolutionizing not only the admissions process but also the educational landscape for tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and changemakers. One of the students, Prakash Kumar from a leading school, Indus International School in Pune, who experienced this, shares, “it’s a fantastic concept that holds great promise for the future.”

As Universal Ai University pioneers the use of the metaverse in education, Eventuality develops as a symbol of innovation and development. Universal Ai University’s Founder & Chancellor, Mr Tarun Anand says, “With Eventuality at its helm, the University not only equips students for a future where technology and creativity intersect but also establishes itself as a trailblazer in shaping the educational landscape of tomorrow. As Eventuality reimagines admissions, Universal Ai University remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, ushering in a new era of educational excellence in the digital age. “

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