Tonnes of jokes and a lot on the latest episode of Amazon miniTV’s By Invite Only featuring Sumukhi Suresh and Gopal Dutt

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By Invite Only is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV within the Amazon Shopping App for absolutely free!

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Mumbai, 27th July 2023– Amazon miniTVs popular tete-a-tete, By Invite Only spiralled on a humorous roller coaster with candid revelations on the comic content and the theatre space. The Gen Z centric chat show featured renowned comedian, Sumukhi Suresh and popular artist Gopal Dutt this week. The show was full of hilarious and doses of loose-lipped laughter.

Sumukhi reminisced about the pandemic days and expressed contrasting the time then vs now. She said, “It’s a great year and I am also very hopeful as a person. I am very lucky that the pandemic got over as I got to go out. While people said they preferred staying home, I was happy I got to go out, work, meet new people and hopefully it’s all coming back to normal.”

Echoing Sumukhi’s enthusiasm on the post-pandemic independence, Gopal admitted, “It is going well. The world has opened up again. You can meet people. Live shows are happening, which is great.”

Renil further asked a question about Sumukhi’s opinion on her presence in the industry, to which Sumukhi candidly replied by saying, “The question would be ‘How does it feel to be a female comedian?’ But I get it. I understand why they ask me this question on female comedians, inspiring more women to come into the field of comedy.”

On the flipside, Gopal remarked, “Before, a lot of people used to ask what is the difference between theatre and acting. Slowly, a lot of theatre actors are coming into films. Since this question has been asked to a lot of people, the audience knows the difference.”

By Invite Only is produced by The Zoom Studios and the episode is now streaming on Amazon miniTV for free, available within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV.

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