Subhash Ghai releases the teaser of the first television triumph titled “Jaanaki” ; show to launch on 15th August

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Mukta Arts has launched the highly-anticipated teaser of ‘Jaanaki,’ a transformative television show by the renowned filmmaker Subhash Ghai’s company, Mukta Arts. This ground-breaking daily series is a resolute celebration of the unyielding spirit of today’s women, igniting a movement to challenge conventions and empower women to decide for themselves and fight against misogyny.

The show mirrors the experiences of those of countless women across India, highlighting their struggles, triumphs and battles.

Subhash Ghai known as a showman of Indian cinema talked about his first television show on Doordarshan National Subhash Ghai added, “Door darshan has opened the doors for filmmakers to showcase their stories on television series with the full creative command by themselves. That’s why I designed my show for Doordarshan JAANAKI – with a story of tye journey of a daughter from her birth to being an adult facing everyday challenges in the world of dominating men n families wishing to have a son than having a daughter and treating their Daughters as Paraaya hun ‘. It’s a powerful story of a daughter who stood her struggles on her own and shine as the bigger asset in society “ said Subhash Ghai who has written the story n lyrics and music of the show titled JAANAKI for Doordarshan National to be telecasted on 8.30 pm on 15 august 2023 to celebrate 75 th year of Indian independence. Let’s wait for n watch.

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