Pre Budget Quote – Reema Dube Yerawar, Founder, Chipmunk

Reema Dube Yerawar, Founder, Chipmunk:

 “As a representative of the beauty sector, we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming budget to act as a catalyst for transformative growth and sustainability. The beauty industry in India stands at the precipice of innovation and evolution, and our expectations harmonize with the broader goals of fostering a thriving and resilient sector.Given the distinctive characteristics of our sector, we advocate for targeted measures. It is our sincere request to the government to consider incentives that champion research and development in clean beauty formulations, aligning seamlessly with global trends and consumer preferences. We also encourage investment in the development of eco-friendly packaging solutions, positioning the Indian beauty sector as a responsible contributor to environmental conservation.Recognizing the pivotal role of skilled professionals in our industry, we emphasize the need for skill development initiatives tailored specifically for the beauty sector. Focused training programs incorporating the latest techniques and trends will not only empower individuals but also bolster the overall competitiveness of the sector on a global scale.Sustainability in formulations and ingredients remains a paramount focus, and we eagerly anticipate measures that encourage businesses to adopt green technologies. Incentives for the adoption of sustainable practices will not only accrue benefits for individual companies but also contribute to the industry’s collective efforts in building a greener future.Moreover, we advocate for a streamlined tax structure and the reinforcement of compliance norms and safety tests to ensure consumer safety within the beauty sector. Strengthening regulations on labels, transparency about ingredients for all brands, and a stringent focus on high-quality ingredients will fortify entrepreneurship, foster the creation of safe products, and contribute to overall economic growth.In conclusion, the beauty sector looks to the government to craft a strategic and sector-focused budget that recognizes and addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within our industry. We firmly believe that a forward-looking budget will propel the beauty sector to new heights, solidifying its role as a key contributor to India’s economic resurgence.”

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