NMIMS Navi Mumbai’s Inter-College Festival Tvaran 2024 Was a Spectacular Journey of Talent, Creativity, and Togetherness

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Navi Mumbai, March 2024 – NMIMS Navi Mumbai hosted their annual inter-college festival Tvaran 2024 – a three-day extravaganza held from 7th to 9th March 2024 at the sprawling NMIMS Navi Mumbai campus. With 3000+ (pls check) people present, the fest was a whopping success. It brought together curious minds from renowned colleges across Mumbai and prominent figures from the corporate world. The event was further elevated by the presence of film celebrities like Karan Kanchan, Yashraj and Parth Srivastava


 Like every year, this time too, the Cultural Committee of NMIMS Navi Mumbai came up with a captivating theme, titled, ‘Rekindling Astraia: A Phoenix’s Tale’. It was all about the central character, a courageous time traveller, who steps into a desolate future, setting the stage for an extraordinary quest. It narrates the future (communicating desolate feelings), past (communicating inspiration), and present (communicating resilience, restoring forgotten values) of the mythical Astraia.The theme aimed to emphasise the significance of action and consequences.

 The participants had a blast taking part in a wide array of activities encompassing dance, music, drama, culinary arts, finance, sports, robot wars, and more. Each of the events at Tvaran 2024 was well thought-out, and detail-oriented and the Cultural Committee did a commendable job of executing all the exciting activities to perfection. The numerous exhilarating categories of events catered to the diverse audience the festival welcomed.

 There were finance events like the Investment Fortress and Rebuilding Astria designed to indulge entrepreneurial spirits. The spirits and enthusiasm of the participants were at an all-time high as they fought for the first position in healthy competition.

  Tvaran 2024 had events dedicated to the field of Fine Arts as well, namely – Gourmet Mastermind, Logo Luminary, Paint Quest, and Rise of the Phoenix. Some other memorable enthralling activities included the Rocket League, NMIMS Grand PRIX, Tvaran Olympix, the Ultimate Football Auction and FIFA Tournament, and Musical Marriage.

 “Tvaran 2024 was not just a cultural festival but an amalgamation of inspiration, education and collaboration. It was aimed at encouraging creativity and promoting a sense of togetherness. We wanted to create an inclusive environment where participants from different fields could find something of their interest,” said Dr. Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Director of NMIMS, Navi Mumbai, adding, “As per the inspiring theme of Tvaran 2024, I would like to say, let’s always strive to rekindle hope, unite under shared values and rise from the ashes to create a harmonious and prosperous future.”

 Talking about the fest, Cultural Committee Head, Dr. Ruchita Verma, said, “College fests are an integral part of campus life and help create a sense of camaraderie among students while also providing them with a well-deserved break from their regular academic activities. They rejuvenate the minds of the students, reducing stress and helping them to make a fresh beginning. The vibes during the preparation of the fest at our campus were palpable, to say the least, pulsating with energy and positive vibes. These fests go beyond entertainment value and play a big role in making the campus culture more inclusive and diverse.”

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