Lotus Water Birthing: A Unique Birthing Experience

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Mrs. Jeyalakshmi’s desire of an extraordinary birthing experience led her on a transformative journey, ultimately culminating in Bengaluru under the compassionate care of Dr. Shailaja N, Obstetrics Gynecologist at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bengaluru. Rainbow Children’s Hospital has once again demonstrated its expertise in providing world-class obstetrics and gynecology care by successfully delivering a baby through a unique and innovative procedure called Lotus Water Birthing. The expectant mother’s choice of adapting this natural procedure signifies a shift from the conventional child-birth practices to a growing demand for alternative birthing options rooted in holistic care and natural processes.

After several on-going consultations with numerous healthcare professionals, Mrs. Jeyalakshmi landed at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Bengaluru, drawn by the reputation of Dr. Shailaja N and herexpertise in Lotus-Water Birthing. Under Dr. Shailaja’s purview, Mrs. Jeyalakshmi gained insights about the benefits of this birthing method, specifically its effectiveness in managing pain during labor and  delivery.

Dr. Shailaja N,  Gynecologist at the Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Bengaluru said, “This is a moment of pure joy as we all could successfully deliver a healthy baby embracing this newer natural birthing method. Mrs. Jeyalakshmi was filled with anticipation to experience this process, but under the guidance of our entire team she has undergone a seamless procedure with zero conventional obstetric interventions. The absence of surgical procedures was complemented by the incorporation of both Lotus and underwater delivery techniques, empowering this process even more”.

Central to the philosophy of Lotus Water Birthing is the preservation of the natural connection between the expectant mother and the baby. Hence the delivery involved: retention of the placenta and no immediate umbilical cord cutting. Instead, both the baby and the placenta were gently delivered and entrusted in the hands of a pediatrician. This unique practice allowed the natural detachment of the placenta within 5-15 days’ post-birth, emphasizing the gentle and non-invasive nature of this birthing procedure.

As the demand for several other birthing methods continue to grow, birthing stories like Mrs. Jeyalakshmi’s will serve as a testimony focusing on the importance of embracing personalized care meeting the diverse needs and preferences of expectant mothers.

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