Kareena Kapoor Khan Leads IVFkiPehel: Indira IVF’s Awareness Campaign to Tackle India’s Fertility Crisis

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Mumbai 01 July 2024: Furthering the mission to offer a future filled with hope for couples experiencing infertility, Indira IVF proudly launches its new awareness campaign, #IVFkiPehel. An initiative that will emphasize the crucial role of seeking guidance from fertility specialists, guiding couples through the often-challenging path to parenthood with expert advice and support.

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Low awareness about fertility issues and treatment options remains a significant challenge for many individuals and couples worldwide. Despite advancements in medical technology making fertility treatments more accessible and efficient, a lack of awareness often leads to delayed or missed opportunities for seeking help. This can prolong the emotional and physical strain experienced by those struggling to conceive.

This campaign embodies the essence of ‘pehel‘—meaning ‘taking the first step’—and urges couples to prioritize professional advice over myth-driven, outdated, or traditional fertility treatments.

With Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor Khan leading the charge to dispel myths and motivate aspiring parents, this campaign will inspire countless individuals to seek the right guidance for fertility treatment.

According to the latest WHO report, infertility is a global crisis, with one in every six people struggling to conceive. This issue is especially alarming in India, where it poses a significant health threat to young people, particularly women of childbearing age. The last report by E&Y reveals that over 27.5 million Indians are currently affected by infertility, a figure projected to rise sharply. ‘The Lancet’ recently predicted a continued decline in India’s Total Fertility Rate (TFR), highlighting an urgent need to address infertility and increase public awareness about advanced treatment options. This trend threatens the country’s demographic future and underscores the critical need for immediate action.

#IVFkiPehel aims to educate about infertility and its treatments, emphasizing the importance of consulting fertility doctors early and getting timely checkups. By offering accurate information and support, it aims to change perceptions and motivate individuals to take the first step toward professional consultation and treatment. By stressing the importance of seeing a fertility doctors early and getting the right checkup up done on time, the campaign will empower couple to take informed decision.

Speaking on the launch of the #IVFkiPehel campaign, Dr. Kshitiz Murdia, CEO and Co-Founder, Indira IVF, said, “Over the last two decades the advancement in medical technologies has revolutionized fertility treatment, making it more achievable, accessible, and affordable than ever before. Currently, Indira IVF operates over 140 centers across, ensuring widespread access to comprehensive fertility care. This field has experienced tremendous growth, with futuristic technologies and advanced diagnostic tools significantly enhancing the chances of success. Our #IVFkiPehel awareness campaign will enlighten couples about these advancements and the right guidance from fertility specialists will successfully turn their parenthood dreams into reality.”

Sharing his thoughts behind launching #IVFkiPehel campaign, Nitiz Murdia, Co- Founder and MD, Indira IVF said, “Our goal in launching this campaign is to spread widespread awareness, reaching every corner of our country. We want everyone to understand that infertility is a medical condition requiring expert attention for timely treatment.We want our campaign to evolve societal attitudes towards fertility treatments and empower couples to seek the medical help they need without stigma or hesitation”.

Speaking on her association with Indira IVF, actor Kareena Kapoor Khan said: “We think getting pregnant is so easy, but we don’t realize how many people—both men and women—struggle with infertility. I was shocked to learn that 1 in 6 people face infertility today, with many unsure where to seek advice. Seeking a specialist’s help when struggling to conceive, which is such a major life milestone, seems crucial.

Raising awareness about fertility issues feels like being part of a movement that’s truly touching lives. And joining hands with Indira IVF, an organization that has been pioneering infertility awareness and has helped more than 150000 couples realize their dreams of parenthood, has been an honour. I want to tell couples fighting infertility “IVF KI PEHEL KARO – take that crucial first step and seek expert medical help. I wish my voice for Indira IVF’s #IVFkiPehel helps in building awareness and encourages people to take the right step and seek professional support for infertility”

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