Kangaroo Kids “Super Dad Campaign” Shines the light on Real-Life Heroes; receives overwhelming response on Instagram

Kangaroo Kids

Mumbai,4th July 2023: On the occasion of Father’s Day, Kangaroo Kids, India’s leading Premium International Preschool Brand, launched their inspiring “Super Dad Campaign”, to recognize and honor all the Super Dads. This unique campaign aimed to highlight why fathers and father figures are true superheroes by displaying the extraordinary impact they have on the lives of children. The campaign received a massive response garnering over 17K views and around 18K impressions. The campaign was conceptualized as a series of social media posts highlighting the versatile role played by the fathers in day-to-day lives of children.

As a part of the campaign, Kangaroo Kids actively encouraged everyone to capture the cherished superhero moments shared between fathers and their children with the hashtag #superheromoment. Using the hashtag, fathers across the country shared their photos and videos capturing heart-warming moments with their children. Some of them even took this opportunity to share their fatherhood journey through heartfelt posts. This collective effort transformed the entire campaign into a resounding success, serving as a remarkable means to honor our real-life heroes.

In a world where superheroes often reside within the pages of comic books, graphic novels, and on screens, Kangaroo Kids acknowledged the profound influence these characters exert on shaping young minds. The heart of the “Super Dad Campaign” lies in its emphasis on the diverse forms of real-life superheroes without flashy costumes or capes. By being present, supportive, and actively engaged in their children’s lives, these everyday heroes serve as a wellspring of inspiration, encouragement, and catalysts for children to soar to great heights.

Speaking on the Father’s Day campaign, KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning, said, “Father’s Day provided us with the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the immense contribution of fathers. Parents are the true superheroes in a child’s life, and we at Kangaroo Kids, strive to strengthen the bond between parents and children. We are thrilled to witness the tremendous success and positive impact of our campaign. Through our ‘Super Dad Campaign,’ we not only celebrated the extraordinary impact of fathers but also emphasized the importance of parent-child bonding. We, at Kangaroo Kids, remain committed to innovating and hosting many more unique activities that foster strong connections between children and their parents, creating lasting memories and holistic learning that lasts a lifetime.”

The campaign passionately sought to reiterate the indelible imprint fathers leave on the lives of children, surpassing the realm of fictional superheroes.

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