IIT Roorkee Champions India’s Technological Revolution with Seminar on India’s Techade – Chips for Viksit Bharat

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Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India – March 18, 2024: In a monumental event heralding a new era of technological advancement, the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) orchestrated a groundbreaking seminar titled “India’s Techade – Chips for Viksit Bharat” to commemorate the inauguration of India’s First Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities. This momentous occasion, hosted at the esteemed institute with a legacy spanning 177 years, underscored IIT Roorkee’s unwavering dedication to innovation and societal progress, exemplifying the institute’s comprehensive approach towards driving technological growth in the nation.

 IIT Roorkee Champions India's Technological Revolution with Seminar on India's Techade - Chips for Viksit Bharat

The seminar featured a panel discussion led by distinguished experts in the field, shedding light on the myriad opportunities and challenges inherent in semiconductor manufacturing in India. Esteemed academics including Prof. Anand Bulusu, Prof. Amalendu Patnaik, Prof. Tanmoy Pramanik, Prof. Davinder Kaur, and Prof. Jasjit Suri shared profound insights into the transformative potential of semiconductor technology across various sectors, from telecommunications to healthcare.

Beyond the inauguration of the semiconductor facilities, IIT Roorkee showcased its ongoing collaboration with global leaders in the semiconductor industry, aimed at fostering innovation and developing a highly skilled workforce to bolster India’s semiconductor landscape. These collaborative efforts, alongside the institute’s pioneering Joint MTech Program in Semiconductor Technology with leading universities in Taiwan, underscore IIT Roorkee’s proactive approach towards global collaboration and talent development. With a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, industry engagement, and global partnerships, IIT Roorkee remains steadfast in its commitment to propelling India’s technological trajectory and nurturing a technologically empowered and globally connected Bharat.

Central to IIT Roorkee’s endeavors is the DiRac Lab, serving as the epicenter for all research activities related to semiconductor devices within the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The lab’s comprehensive work spans material physics, device design, and modeling, culminating in device-circuit co-design for a diverse array of applications.

The highlight of the event was the virtual address by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, who laid the foundation stones for semiconductor projects in Gujarat and Assam. His insights underscored the pivotal role of semiconductor industries in fostering Viksit Bharat, aligning with IIT Roorkee’s mission of technological advancement for societal benefit.

In his impassioned address, Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji heralded the inauguration of three major semiconductor projects as a pivotal moment in Bharat’s journey towards self-reliance and technological advancement. He underscored the strategic significance of semiconductor manufacturing in propelling Bharat onto the global stage and fostering a robust supply chain infrastructure. Emphasizing the role of youth as the torchbearers of Bharat’s future, he envisioned a nation empowered by technology and innovation, where every individual contributes to collective progress.

In alignment with Prime Minister Modi’s Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and Viksit Bharat mission @2047, IIT Roorkee reaffirms its commitment to nurturing a technologically empowered India while actively contributing to its growth and global prominence. Prof. K. K. Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, articulated, “Our research, led by the DiRac Lab, working closely with top semiconductor companies worldwide, and our innovative Joint MTech Program program for students, show how determined we are to train skilled workers and drive innovation in India’s semiconductor industry. Aligned with honorable PM Shri Modi’s Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and Viksit Bharat mission @2047, at IIT Roorkee, we are committed to nurturing a technologically empowered India while actively contributing to its growth and global prominence.”

With a dedicated focus on research excellence, collaborative partnerships, and innovative educational programs, IIT Roorkee stands poised to continue shaping India’s technological landscape, fostering innovation, and empowering the nation’s youth to lead the charge towards a brighter, technologically empowered future.

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