How to distinguish authentic Kanjivaram silk Saree? Characteristics and Quality

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Kanjivaram Silk is one of the most rich, elegant, and royal silks, with intricate zari work, a vivid- bright natural shine with a grainy texture that lets you feel luxury in your hands. It is a simple and timeless outfit for women to show off their royal status. Due to its easy availability and richness, many people are unable to identify between genuine Kanjivaram sarees and fake ones in the market.


 It is easy to identify pure kanjivaram saree, you only have to know the following facts about Kanjivaram silk to identify the pure and authentic kanjivaram silk saree that includes the following-
1. The pallu must be heavier than the entire saree. The weavers concentrate extensively on the pallu, which they design precisely with elegance. Pallu is the highest heart of pure Kanjivaram sarees, with finely woven embroidery and zari work.
2. Check every angle of the saree carefully since it has a natural sheen that cannot be created by humans and won’t lose its color and shine brightly in light.
3. Look for the Silk mark Symbol. Pure Kanjivaram Sarees contain a Silk Mark Symbol, which indicates the authenticity of the saree since pure gold and silver threads are utilized to make the silk fabric.
4. When the pure kanjivaram saree is touched, its temperature shifts and the fabric softens gradually. While the warmth of the fake Kanjivaram sarees does not alter on rapid contact, neither does the softness.
5. When a genuine Kanjivaram silk saree is burned with ashes, it smells like sulfur, however, fake silk does not respond in the same way.
6. True kanjivaram silk may be distinguished by its zari work. If you stretch the zari and find gold and silver threads, it is a true kanjivaram saree; if you find white threads, it is fake kanjivaram silk.

 According to Mr. Ravi Viradiya, Founder and MD of Vastranand, pure kanjivaram silk sarees are weighty and distinctive, with a gritty texture due to high-quality silk. High quality silk has a gritty feel when woven with gold threads due to its metallic content. If it is a genuine silk kanjivaram, it will easily slide through a little ring. Vastranand offers vivid handmade kanjivaram silk sarees with complex patterns on pure mulberry silk, giving the garment a deep texture. The most popular goods are those that are portable and can be worn on any occasion, both professionally and casually.

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