Here’s what Soha Ali Khan has to say about Masha and the Bear Live Adaptation

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Summer has kickstarted this time with an adventure punch, all thanks for Masha and the Bear LIVE. The popular Nick Jr television series came to life this weekend again in Mumbai which followed the tale of the Little Girl Masha and her Bear friend! The very deception story is known for its interactive nature, encouraging the audience through its playful and relatable scenarios.


 Soha Ali Khan said, “I really love the show. I mean we watched Masha and the Bear on the television first and it’s so nice to see it come live. I am enjoying the reaction of the children more because they get so excited by the smaller things, so just meeting Masha and meeting the Bear and seeing these beautiful sets come to live it’s a lot of fun. I think if you haven’t watched Masha and the Bear yet please come. They have multiple shows happening over here and they are really houseful and people are having fun. I think it’s a really lovely way to bond with your child and if you’re really thinking about non digital non screen related. One of the best things to do is to watch the performance with your child and what better than Masha and the Bear!”

 Inaya was more than delighted to meet her favourite Masha and Bear and was seen chattering and posing with the lovely characters.

 From solving mysteries, to dancing with Masha, The Bear, Professor Nonbelevious, Rosie, the Panda, Sly Fox and Silly Fox – the kids gotta do it all!

 Masha and the Bear Live Theatrical has become a standout event on Mumbai’s cultural calendar, it isn’t just a show but is THE thing to do for families!

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