Girls under-14 contestants Bhaavya and Ahana shine at TNS PG Open tennis tournament

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Girls under-14 contestants Bhaavya

Panaji, April 17 — It was a day for young women’s Tennis champs to shine at the ongoing State-ranking TNS PG Open Tennis tournament at the Panjim Gymkhana with Bhaavya Bhoomkar and Ahana Kumar defeating their respective rivals in the girls under-14 category.

Bhaavya’s consistent serves, powerful forehand, and an overall good defensive game helped her defeat Lucy (6-1), while Ahana’s strategic game-play and solid forehand enabled her to overcome Sara’s challenge (6-2) to advance in their category in the state ranking Tennis tournament.

Over in the men’s singles category six Tennis players advanced to the quarter-finals of the TNS PG Open Tennis tournament on Thursday. Rajaram Kundaikar survived a tough contest with Cherian Joseph eventually defeating him (7-5), while Suraj Sadanah and Ravaru Dixit both trounced their opponents Anant Kochhar and Ganesh Pai (6-0) respectively.

Santosh Gorawar also advanced to the quarter-finals beating Tanay Amonkar (6-2), while Nagesh Naik had a relatively easy win over Prajat Halarnkar (6-1).

In the men’s doubles category, the team of Bulu/Richard won over their rivals Suraj/Kushal (6-2), while Allan/Ojaswi took the battle to Prithvi/Kshitij before eventually losing (4-6).

Bulu won yet another round in the mixed doubles category, where he paired up with Tanya to defeat Dustan/Lara (6-1). Prajay and Tashina demolished their opponents (6-0), while Prithvi/Atika beat Sriram/ Stania (6-2) in the same category.

Nearly 140 Tennis players across eleven categories are participating in the state ranking Tennis tournament.

The tournament, which is co-organized by the Goa State Tennis Association and the Panjim Gymkhana, is critical for Goan professional Tennis players keen on enhancing their state ranking.

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