Forever Living Products (India) Celebrates Womanhood at the Women’s Leadership Conclave

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Forever Living, a leading conglomerate known for its health, beauty, and wellness products based on Aloe Vera, is also dedicated to empowering women and recognizing outstanding achievements by its women business owners.

Women ForeverBusiness Owners from Forever Living Products (India)

On July 3rd, Forever Living India hosted the second edition of its Women’s Leadership Conclave at the luxurious Westin Hotel in Gurugram. The conclave showcased Forever’s wide array of offerings, including their products, business opportunity, and recognition of top achievers. It also highlighted the success stories of women who have achieved their dreams while maintaining a work-life balance. Women Attendees in huge numbers included Forever business owners from all over India.

With a variety of successful initiatives promoting women’s empowerment, the Government of India is working towards creating a more inclusive and secure environment for women. Aligned with this vision, FLP India is also dedicated to helping women lead successful and independent lives. The Women’s Forum engaged in discussions and knowledge sharing with FLP India to empower and strengthen women, helping them become self-reliant while also allowing them to spend quality time with their families.

Mr. Harish Singla, CSM of FLP India, stated, “The Women’s Leadership Conclave was an exclusive event filled with fun, learning, recognition, and motivation by women, for women. The conclave, celebrating the spirit of womanhood, was designed to acknowledge the strides made by women in today’s world. We also heard numerous transformation stories by women Forever business owners and recognize Forever women achievers.”

He added, “The country is undergoing comprehensive transformation at an unprecedented rate, and women have been and continue to be significant contributors to this process. Men, in general, have recognized this contribution. As a result, men and women walk shoulder to shoulder, making a difference for the betterment of society.”

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