Empowering Moms Every Day: Philips Avent Unveils #ShareTheCare Campaign

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Gurugram, 15 March 2024: In the hustle of this demanding world, an eye-opening 72% of mothers grapple with less than an hour of personal time each day, underscoring the relentless balancing act they endure. Research says that 86% percent of mothers feel a huge pressure to embody the perfect parent, and this constant struggle takes a toll on their mental well-being, with 74% of women experiencing heightened anxiety since embracing motherhood. Moreover, 48% of the general population believes mothers sacrifice a substantial part of their happiness and well-being for their children.

Recognising these challenges and liberating mothers from the dogma of this devotion, Philips India proudly introduces the #ShareTheCare campaign, partnering with influential mothers and celebrities. Through this initiative, we aim to spotlight authentic stories, challenges, and inspiring triumphs while supporting mothers on their unique journey, fostering a community that not only understands the essence of sharing the care but actively plays a crucial role as a support system for mothers.

#ShareTheCare with Philips Avent

The #ShareTheCare campaign, a heartfelt initiative by Philips Avent, is a tribute to mothers and an invitation for others to extend support to their journey through motherhood. We recognise that it takes a village to raise a child, and for mothers to provide the best care for their babies, self-care is not selfish; it’s an essential component of their well-being.

The campaign’s purpose is to facilitate a supportive network around mothers, encouraging the shared responsibility of caregiving. This not only eases the pressure on mothers but also allows them the selfcare time they need for themselves. In fostering this virtuous care cycle, #ShareTheCare places the well-being of parents at the forefront.

Commenting on the campaign, Deepali Agarwal, Business Head, Personal Health, Philips India Subcontinent, said, “Embarking on the journey of motherhood is an extraordinary experience. Recognising that it takes a village to raise a child, Philips Avent is dedicated to offering tangible solutions that provide comprehensive support to mothers so they can care for their wellbeing along with their child. With the #ShareTheCare campaign, we aim to foster a more inclusive and compassionate environment for mothers, encouraging shared responsibility for caregiving among individuals, making a positive impact on the holistic well-being of both mothers and their little ones.”

In this campaign, women from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate the influential figures in their motherhood journey, emphasizing the importance of #ShareTheCare. Expressing gratitude, they spotlight maternal connections and commit to supporting fellow mothers. Through a chain of acknowledgment, each celebrity nominee shares their motherhood story, emphasizing the solidarity among mothers. The campaign invites all mothers to participate and share their stories using #ShareTheCare, acknowledging those who have shaped their journey into motherhood.

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