Day 3 of Global Spirituality Mahotsav is a confluence of spiritual leaders from different beliefs

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Mumbai / Hyderabad, March 18, 2024: The Day 3 of Global Spirituality Mahotsav in association of the Ministry of Culture and Heartfulness being held at world’s largest meditation centre at Kanha Shanti Vanam – the headquarters of Heartfulness, brought together spiritual leaders from different beliefs like Dr. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, AIIO; Venerable Bhikku Sanghasena (Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre Ladakh); Shri Riteshwar (Anandam Dham Vrindavan) and Archbishop Anthony Poola ji (Archbishop of Hyderabad). The key session in presence of Rev. Daaji – Global Guide of Heartfulness was aimed to bring interfaith dialogues and reflect on the significance of spirituality in daily life to establish world peace.


Speaking at the session, Abhijit Halder, International Buddhist Confederation said, “This project which has been put up by Heartfulness foundation is an amazing example of critical balance between man and nature. World leaders who have waged wars against countries and they have convinced their population war is necessary for peace, but I want to tell my people that we are going to be peaceful.”

Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena (Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre Ladakh) reflected on the dangers of blind faith, asking people to find a balance between science and faith, he said, “The western scientists have brought a lot of technology that brings comfort to the body. But they have failed miserably in working for global peace. There is a need for scientists to become spiritual and spiritual people to become scientific.”

Sadguru Sri Riteshwar Maharaj, Anandam Dham Vrindavan emphasized on the need to change the Drishti, only by changing our vision, one can change the world.

Dr. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi, AIIO referred to ‘Global Spirituality Mahotsav as a Holy Event’, he said, “It’s the holy month of Ramzan. We don’t usually travel much during Ramzan. But I thought even this event is holy; a place where people of all faiths gather. We all have a lot to learn from Daaji and Heartfulness. Our faiths, customs and communities might be different, but our biggest dharm is humanity. We can be a good Hindu, a good Muslim, or a good Sikh only if we’re good human beings.”

In a special interaction with renowned social media influencer Kamiya Jani of Curly Tales, noted Filmmaker Mr. Shekhar Kapur said, “There is nothing more spiritual than a child. I want to tell children not to grow up. When you grow up, we are taught not to be spiritual. As a creative person, it’s an absolute craving to find that is infinite in you. There is no spirituality that actually ends or be confined. When I see children laugh, I hear Krishna’s flute playing through the universe. Our education system imposed upon us by colonist took our wisdom away. Knowledge and wisdom have to go together. Every guru here is talking about wisdom. We rant about our achievements, but on the way we have lost wisdom. Time has no meaning when you are enlightened and that is when being and becoming become the same.”

Adding to spiritual thoughts on spirituality Mr. Kabir Bedi – noted actor said, “Being and becoming are intertwined processes. And becoming is struggle for life, but to find a way in which each of us individual consciousness becomes evolved human being where we find a far more beautiful world. India has had spirituality as part of its DNA for as long as you can imagine. The eastern philosophies is what people came to India for. People would come to India to find enlightenment. The gurus had great spiritual experiences also came to India learnt and went and put back their learning into something like engineering or creating computers. India has a system of introspection, meditation, philosophy on origins which were new to the west in terms of philosophical system. They created the counter-culture in the west especially in 60s when people demonstrated for peace and asking for more humanity to prevail. They demonstrated against unjust wars. That was moving towards spirituality.”

Dr. Tony Nadar – Head of the Transcendental Meditation Organisation congratulated Rev. Daaji and other spiritual leaders. He spoke about the different schools of thought on the aspect of life which is beyond matter and physical energy in terms of transcendental to sensory perception vs. material and non-material vs. consciousness as described in Vedanta. He added the benefits of practicing transcendental meditation or Maharishi effect saying, “Practice of meditation reduces individual and social stress. To achieve world peace individuals can practice Maharishi effect – a positive result when 1% of population can practice the TM techniques and is characterized by significant improvements in social trends decreasing conflict, crime, violence; and increasing positive economic and social tendencies. The Maharishi effect is a field phenomenon operating at a unified field level of natural law. 10000 people are enough to create this effect and accelerate peace to the world.”

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