Cutting-edge startups tackling water crisis from flush to fresh

With the World Bank projecting that by 2025, more than two-thirds of the global population will lack access to clean drinking water, and international agencies underscoring water scarcity as a pressing global concern, numerous pioneering startups are spearheading innovative solutions worldwide.

WATER Labs is pioneering a portable toilet capable of evaporating 95% of sewage without relying on electricity or plumbing, making it particularly suitable for remote or off-grid areas. Water Lens offers cost-effective, real-time, and precise on-site water testing services to identify contaminants and assess various water quality metrics. Island Water Technologies specializes in modular, energy-efficient, chemical-free wastewater treatment solutions, alongside advanced bioelectrode sensor technologies for enhanced monitoring and management.

Given water’s indispensable role in human survival, these startups are vital in averting the looming threat of a water-deprived world.

Digital Paani an innovative water management provider based in Delhi NCR, India. Utilizing a blend of advanced sensing, data analytics, and AI-driven solutions, Digital Paani is reshaping the way we approach water conservation and sustainable usage. The startup’s mission goes beyond local impact, aiming to be a key player in the broader global initiative to address water scarcity and ensure responsible water stewardship. Digital Paani’s impact has been remarkable, reaching communities and businesses across India. Through its technology-driven approach, the startup has successfully optimized water usage in various sectors, including agriculture, industrial processes, and urban utilities. By offering real-time insights, predictive analytics, and actionable recommendations, Digital Paani empowers users to make informed decisions for efficient water management. One of the standout features of Digital Paani’s solutions is their adaptability to diverse environments. Whether it’s precision agriculture, smart water distribution networks, or water-efficient industrial practices, the versatility of Digital Paani’s technology ensures tailored and effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Blue Water Company works with providing services like construction and O&M of treatment plants, professional cesspool cleaning services, sustainable toilet cafes in the domain of managing cutting edge water and wastewater infrastructure. It operates as a private equity firm and invests in long-term real assets. Blue Water Worldwide serves customers worldwide. BWC currently has a 2 wastewater treatment plant – in Jammu and Kashmir, Orissa and its headquarter is located in Bangalore.

Maithri Aquatech is a Hyderabad based startup which has attempted to produce fresh, potable water through its range of innovative Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG).by putting the abundant air around us to work, is certainly addressing an acute global problem. The company provides a flagship product called ‘Meghdoot’ which is a low-cost AWG that uses refrigeration techniques to condense humidity from the air and turn them into 100% microbe-free, fully potable mineralized water.

Drink Prime is a startup company that offers Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled water purifiers which are synced with a subscriber’s DrinkPrime mobile app allowing them to monitor water purifier’s health. Their customised four-stage filtering process gives access to clean drinking water based on input water quality while being charged based on the chosen subscription plan. The company offers free delivery and installation, lifetime maintenance and filter changes, and relocation services to subscribers.

WEGot provides sensor-based IoT devices and software platform VenAqua that tracks water flow in real time. The granular data collected from various installations across residential and commercial buildings is analysed and the insights are shared with the end-users on a mobile app. WEGot is addressing the issue of requirement of a technology which will make people liable for misuse of water.

Earthfokus aims to save freshwater right at the point of consumption. The company manufactures its products in metal. The company claims their attachments are pressure resistant and truly water-saving in nature, saving 50 per cent more than other aerators in the market, while ensuring an uncompromised experience for their users. They also provide smart water management for different commercial and residential spaces, with complete automation and leak detection.

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