Britannia and Mindshare unveil India’s first ever AI-powered camera campaign for NutriChoice

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India, 20 March 2024: Britannia, one of India’s leading foods and beverages companies in collaboration with its innovative partner agency, Mindshare, is proud to announce a groundbreaking advancement in Brand Experience with the introduction of India’s first AI-powered Mixed Reality Smartphone Camera. The cutting-edge technology is built by Flam, AI-powered mixed reality content platform for marketing. This innovative platform opens up a world of engaging experiential advertisement and user-generated content for forward-thinking brands.


With this innovative campaign, consumers will be able to scan the QR code on their smartphones leading to experiencing a video from Ranveer Singh within their smartphone camera experience. On scanning, the static image comes alive with a video that delivers the message that Britannia NutriChoice Digestive biscuit is the only digestive biscuit made with 100% atta and 0% Maida*. This breakthrough experience will also soon be available at several retail touch points for consumers to experience, in addition to the print advertisement.

At the core of this pioneering campaign lies an AI-powered mixed reality camera, seamlessly integrated with an instant app activated via QR codes. The Britannia NutriChoice campaign showcases unparalleled capabilities with an intuitive and a compelling user experience. Utilising image tracking in 3D space, the camera employs feature points to generate immersive mixed-reality 3D content, delivering a captivating experience. With an impressive operating speed of 60 frames per second, the camera ensures smooth video playback, even during image translation or rotation. Powering this technology is the visual transformer, a deep-learning AI model engineered for similarity matching and image recognition.

Mr. Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia Industries, shared, “The application of technology in marketing is deepening and it is exciting to build such novel consumer experiences. Users can now immerse themselves through their phone camera, without the need for app downloads or webAR. It is truly rewarding to have partners like Mindshare, who powered this innovation and brought it to reality. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology to engage consumers in unexpected ways”

Amin Lakhani, CEO Mindshare shared, “From personalized content experiences to real-time engagement opportunities, this AI-powered camera technology is set to transform how consumers perceive and interact with brands. Together, Britannia and Mindshare are not just disrupting the status quo; we’re pioneering a new paradigm — one that empowers consumers, amplifies creativity, and unlocks limitless possibilities for brand engagement.”

Shourya Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Flam shared, “Our camera technology is engineered for effortless scalability, supporting billions of users and seamless compatibility across all devices. It delivers robust performance without requiring app downloads or web-based augmented reality. Our advanced AI-driven image recognition and tracking provide unmatched accuracy and efficiency. Starting with Mindshare & Britannia, we’re bringing experiential advertisements that are not just seen, but something you engage & create shareable stories with – for the first time in India. This innovative platform opens up a world of user-generated content for forward-thinking brands, allowing them to harness the creativity of their audience”

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