Tattvan E-Clinics Facilitates a Medical Camp for the People of Jabalpur: Witnesses a Huge Turnout

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Tattvan E-Clinics Facilitates a  Medical Camp

Every year Mr. Lakhan Ghanghoriya, a Member of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly carries out a medical camp in Jabalpur, and this time he wanted to take it to the next level through telemedicine. The camp was facilitated by Tattvan E-Clinics in association with its partner hospital- Mahatma Gandhi Hospital, Jaipur, Rajasthan. A dedicated team of MD Medicine Doctors made sure to attend to each & every patient tirelessly throughout the event. The use of high-broadband further accelerated the process & turned out to be an efficient session overall. The ground team of tattva made sure to align all the operations in a smooth & timely manner. The motive behind this arrangement was to create maximum awareness about teleconsultation in the region. There was a huge turnout of people, possibly the biggest in the country for a one-day telemedicine camp ever.

Mr. Lakhan Ghanghoriya, MLA, was also present at the event as a chief guest. During the event, he addressed the people & shared his views on this Camp saying “innovation and technology in healthcare is the future for developing and strengthening the rural healthcare infrastructure, the initiative by Tattvan E Clinics has allowed hundreds of patients to avail the benefit of specialist consultation from the comfort of their hometowns hope to see more efforts from Tattvan in Madhya Pradesh so that the people here have regular accessibility to the specialist doctor”.

Mr. Shrichand Batheja, Tattvan Franchise Owner, played a major role in organizing the camp. “The aim was to provide the best healthcare services in the area so that patients do not have to travel long distances. The team of doctors from Mahatma Gandhi was very cooperative and gave each patient their due time and attention. I am very sure this is just the beginning for telemedicine in Jabalpur, very soon we will be holding another camp with Tattvan.”

The event took place on the 1st of March 2023 at Ramleela Manch, Jabalpur. A whopping number of 500+ patients turned out for this event in a single day & got their consultations smoothly by specialist doctors. The patients not only benefited from the free consultations but also the free medicines provided at the camp.

Mr. Ayush Mishra, CEO, of Tattvan E Clinics, quoted “This camp has happened at a very crucial time when the entire country is seeing the transition happening in the healthcare sector. I would like to congratulate our franchise partner Mr. Shrichand Batheja for trusting us with his vision and Shri Lakhan Ghanghoriya for giving us this opportunity. This event will go very long in our memory as Tattvan’s journey for taking healthcare services to the last mile.

These camps by Tattvan ensure the quality of services & affordability for the people of rural India. They aim to reach every little village & town in India to provide these services & save the lives of people who have low access to premium healthcare services.

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