Scarless Brain Tumor surgery with endoscopic technique at Solaris Hospital

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Scarless Brain Tumor surgery

Mumbai – A 44 year young office going lady from South Mumbai ( Archana sawant ) name changed was suffering from changes in her body slowly over a period of 6 to 8 years like increasing weight, thickening of skin , tightness of ring in finger, enlargement of hands and feet , enlargement of nose and tongue, Increasing body hairs irregularities in her menstrual cycle. Considering these she visited her Gynecologist who suggested she get Sonography of abdomen and pelvis which suggested PCOD. It’s an ovarian disorder which is common. But her disease was not improving and she slowly went into depression and also started isolating herself from social gatherings just because of her looks. One fine day she visited ENT doctors for her ear wax removal who suggested she consult Neurosurgeon. Doctor who treated this patient Dr. Amit Aiwale, Neurosurgeon from Solaris Hospital which specializes in Brain & Spine treatment said,” We immediately recognized her suffering from Acromegaly which is a hormonal disorder caused by excessive secretion of Growth hormone in adults. She underwent an MRI and detailed Hormonal evaluation. MRI suggested pituitary macroadenoma of approx. 1.5 x 2 cm size. And her IGF 1 levels were increased. After Endocrinologist evaluation and fitness, we suggested Endoscopic trans nasal pituitary macroadenoma excision surgery which is highly advanced technology available at Solaris Hospital where computer assistant i.e. Navigation guided surgery is also possible. Patient underwent surgery, recovered well in 5 days and was discharged within a week. Patient was so happy that the surgery was literally scar less and she couldn’t believe that brain tumor surgery is done with no scar on her body. Patient started feeling a glow on her face and felt her skin becoming smooth. The body hairs also reduced over the next 2- 3 months and she regained her menses regularly.”

Patient is so thankful that this surgery changed her life and she started going to social gatherings and became more independent in her life. We need to spread awareness about pituitary macroadenoma and surgical advances in brain surgery. The results are excellent in expert’s hands. With the advanced technology in diagnosis and surgery and the skills of neurosurgeons, the success and survival rates of pituitary tumor surgery have improved very significantly in the last decade, added by Dr. Amit Aiwale, Neurosurgeon from Solaris Hospital. Thane.

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