Richard Wolf Centre for ICU Bronchoscopy at Sharda Hospital, the first-of-its-kind leading Center of Excellence in India

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Richard Wolf Centre for ICU Bronchoscopy at Sharda Hospital

Sharda Hospital is proud to announce its collaboration with Prima Vista- Richard Wolf Academy Germany, a renowned medical technology company. This collaboration aims to advance techniques and technologies for the care of patients around the globe. This leading Center of Excellence is the very first of its kind in India. The center was inaugurated by the Vice Chairman, of Sharda Hospital – Shri Y.K Gupta & Honorable Pro-Chancellor, Sharda University and the Medical Superintendent of Sharda Hospital – Dr. A.K. Gadpayle.

At the heart of this partnership is the establishment of the Center of Excellence, the country’s first leading center dedicated to the service and training of Acute Bronchoscopy care skills in a dedicated ICU environment at Sharda Hospital. This center reflects our mission to “train the trainers and save the saviors” by focusing on enhancing skills and knowledge in critical care.

“We are really proud of this collaborative effort and we truly believe in the vision of Acute Bronchoscopy skills as a potential game-changer in ICU care. Together, we are on a mission to serve human mankind through our dedication to this cause,” said Dr. Manish Bharti, Senior Consultant & Interventional Intensivist, Department of Critical Care Medicine at Sharda Hospital & The Expert, Key Intensivist on site and ISCCM President citation awardee.

“Bronchoscopy in ICU patients is need of the hours. It has potential to change the outcome in sick patients. The new training centre at Sharda University is unique and 1st of its kind to train the intensivist for ICU bronchoscopy” said Dr. Rajesh Chandra Mishra, immediate past president of Indian society of critical care medicine & The Expert, responsible for the Continuing Medical Education (CME) in India and neighboring countries and the Former President of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM)/ Chancellor ICCM.

“The Bronchoscopy Research Centre at Sharda Hospital stands as a testament to international collaboration, bringing together German precision with the time-honored wisdom of India’s intensive medicine veterans. Its mission, firmly grounded in education and knowledge enrichment, ensures the specialists of tomorrow are equipped with the necessary skills to enhance the efficiency of intensive care. Truly, a pioneer in its field.” said Dr. med. Thushira Weerawarna – The Expert, Initiator and Responsible for knowledge transfer who is also the Director of the Siloah St. Trudpert Hospital and Lung Center, Pforzheim Germany.

One of the primary values of the research center is the unity and collaboration of medical professionals’ experiences from Germany and India to improve patient outcomes. This collaboration aims to develop new treatments and technologies in Acute Bronchoscopy skills in ICU. With a team of highly qualified experts and a commitment to advancing the field of Critical Care Medicine, the center is poised to make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of critically ill patients in India.

The collaboration between Sharda Hospital and Prima Vista – Richard Wolf Academy Germany signifies a significant step towards enhancing patient care and revolutionizing the field of respiratory medicine. Through this partnership, we aim to drive innovation, knowledge-sharing, and skill development to benefit patients in both India and Germany.

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