P.T. Usha and Rajeev Tomer emphasizes on physical fitness at the opening of Anytime Fitness clubs

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P.T. Usha and Rajeev Tomer emphasizes on physical fitness

New Delhi: Anytime Fitness India, a trailblazer in the fitness landscape, has proudly announced the launch of three remarkable gyms in the heart of Delhi-NCR. The gyms have been inaugurated at Prashant Vihar, IP Extension, and Chattarpur Area on the same day. The brand has now achieved an impressive feat of 61 gyms in Delhi NCR and an astounding 130 gyms across the country.

The inauguration ceremony, held recently, was graced by the esteemed presence of celebrated athletes, Ms. P.T. Usha and Mr. Rajeev Tomar. These iconic figures, renowned for their sporting prowess, lent their support to Team Anytime Fitness in a collective celebration of health and vitality. The grand opening took place with great enthusiasm, commemorating yet another milestone in the brand’s journey to elevate fitness and well-being across the nation.

Mr. Vikas Jain, the visionary Managing Director of Anytime Fitness India, shared his excitement about the launch, saying, “The introduction of these three state-of-the-art gyms exemplifies our commitment to fostering a culture of wellness. We are dedicated to providing individuals with a platform to achieve their fitness aspirations and embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier lifestyle.”

“The newly unveiled gyms redefine the fitness experience with their exceptional features, including 24×7 access, the convenience of a single membership offering global gym access, and the innovative Workouts App that empowers members to personalize their fitness routines effortlessly.”, further added Mr. Jain.

P.T. Usha, the revered former Indian track and field athlete, expressed her delight, stating, “The expansion of Anytime Fitness India reflects their dedication to making fitness accessible to all. These new gyms are a testament to their mission of promoting well-being and healthy living.”

Rajeev Tomar, a distinguished Indian wrestler echoed the sentiment, “Anytime Fitness India’s commitment to round-the-clock accessibility and the unique global membership access is a commendable step towards a fitter nation. These gyms hold the promise of a brighter, healthier future.”

Vishal Kwatra, Director of Anytime Fitness India, eloquently expressed, “In this era of innovation and progress, the younger generation is resolutely committed to prioritizing health and fitness. They truly grasp the significance of a wholesome lifestyle. Our endeavor is to bolster this movement and contribute towards fostering a healthier and fitter India. With unwavering determination, we are rapidly expanding our club presence nationwide, and the remarkable response from our users and gym owners fills us with immense joy.”

This momentous occasion underscores Anytime Fitness India’s position as a true pioneer in the fitness arena. The launch of these gyms stands as a resounding testament to the brand’s foothold in shaping a healthier and fitter India.

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