Karkinos Healthcare Receives Prestigious Awards at the Third Indian Cancer Congress 2023 for Groundbreaking Contributions to Oncology Care

Bangalore,24th November 2023:– Karkinos Healthcare, a purpose-driven technology-based oncology platform, was acknowledged for its exceptional contribution to oncology, at the Third Indian Cancer Congress 2023 in Mumbai. The conferment of the Meritorious Prize and Abstract Prize upon Karkinos Healthcare underscores its groundbreaking contributions to the progression of cancer care. These accolades elucidate the steadfast commitment of our medical professionals to champion early detection and facilitate the digitization of cancer care, thereby enhancing accessibility.

At the Third Indian Cancer Congress, Karkinos Healthcare and its esteemed medical professionals were acknowledged for their impactful contributions. Dr. Yogesh Jain, Director of Non-Communicable Diseases was conferred upon Meritorious Prize for his exceptional abstract submission, emphasizing Karkinos Healthcare’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), for affordable and accessible cancer treatment.

Srikanth S. Manda, Head of Computational Biology, was honored with the Abstract Prize for Whole Genome Sequencing. His work on elucidating HRAS mutation mediators of resistance to metronomic chemotherapy in head and neck cancer showcases Karkinos Healthcare’s innovative research approach.

In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Kirtika Sarkar was awarded the third prize in the oral paper category, further highlighting the collective efforts of Karkinos Healthcare and its medical professionals in advancing cancer research and treatment.

The Third Indian Cancer Congress, a global platform for sharing knowledge and advancements in oncology, brought together leading professionals, researchers, and organizations. Karkinos Healthcare actively contributed valuable insights and innovations, pushing the boundaries of cancer research and treatment. Together, these recognitions highlight the collective efforts of both Karkinos Healthcare and its esteemed medical professionals in advancing the landscape of oncology.

These accolades underscore Karkinos Healthcare’s pivotal role in shaping the future of cancer care. The recognized abstract attests to the organization’s innovative strategy in seamlessly integrating technology and AI into the framework of cancer treatment. This underscores the dedication of their network of doctors to not only pioneering cutting-edge advancements but also ensuring their accessibility and affordability for patients. Through the embrace of innovative solutions and harnessing AI capabilities, Karkinos Healthcare actively advances towards a future where cancer care is not merely effective but universally accessible to all.

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