International Day Against Drug Abuse – Session on Active Living at XITE College

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International Day Against Drug Abuse - Session on Active Living at XITE CollegeGamharia, 26th June 2024:  In observance of the International Day Against Drug Abuse, XITE College (Autonomous) hosted an enlightening session on Active Living, featuring Mrs. Jhumpa Mukherjee, a distinguished Marketing Professional, Writer and Health Educator, currently serving as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at an Ed-tech startup in Bangalore.

This event was organized in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Young Indians (Yi) Yuva Jamshedpur Chapter Yi Health Cell. Mrs. Mukherjee shared practical strategies for integrating more physical activity into daily routines, addressing common challenges and emphasizing the profound benefits of staying active.

Key takeaways from her session included:
– Maintaining a 14-hour gap between dinner and breakfast.
– Consuming food rather than processed products.
– Ensuring a gap of 2 hours between screen time and sleep.
– Engaging in 30 minutes of rigorous activity daily, such as dance, yoga or walking.
– Living life with reason and purpose.

The event was a collaborative effort led by Ashish Singh from the Branding and Communication Department and Naval Narayan Chowdhury from the NSS Department, with significant support from the XITE Yi Yuva Executive Committee Members. Faculty members including Prof. Amit Chaturvedi, Prof. Sushmita Chowdhury Sen, Prof. Swati Singh and Prof. Anjali Jha, were also in attendance, along with Ankit Lodha from Yi.

The session underscored the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle to combat drug abuse, encouraging students to adopt active and purposeful living practices.

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