Doctors Warn of Rising Tobacco Use and Its Health Risks in India

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Doctors Warn of Rising Tobacco Use and Its Health Risks in IndiaIn an advisory ahead of World No Tobacco Day, Dr. Prashant Ramdas Wankhade, Consultant Cardiologist at TriLife Hospital, highlighted the escalating issue of tobacco consumption in India. “Tobacco consumption is on the rise, both in men and women, and poses a grave health risk in India, given its severe, long-term consequences,” he stated.

Dr. Wankhade emphasized the dire health impacts of prolonged tobacco use, including chronic respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and various forms of cancer. He noted that addiction often starts early, particularly affecting vulnerable age groups.

Despite being banned, smokeless tobacco products like gutka, paan, and flavored tobacco remain popular among the youth due to their easy access and low cost. Alarmingly, statistics reveal that around eleven out of every hundred tobacco users in India are minors.

“In keeping with the theme of World No Tobacco Day this year, we should make it our endeavor to educate youngsters about the dangers of tobacco and thereby empower them to make the right choices with regard to their health,” urged Dr. Wankhade.

With the theme focusing on protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use, this year’s campaign calls for concerted efforts to raise awareness and foster a healthier, tobacco-free future for the younger generation.

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