Clove dental revolutionises oral care in India with over 1000+ dentist

Clove dental revolutionises

Clove Dental, India’s largest chain of Dental Clinics, has taken a momentous leap towards providing unparalleled oral care by assembling a team of over 1000 highly skilled dentists. With its expansion plans in full swing, Clove Dental has solidified itself as the leader in the industry, boasting the largest pool of dental experts under one roof. Signing the 400th lease of its dental clinic on Independence Day, the company has embarked upon the journey where commitment to profession and patient care remains the primary goal.

Clove Dental has achieved remarkable progress, initiating the current financial year with a team of 1007 dentists and consistently increasing its workforce by hiring 15 dentists every month. Over 60% of these dentists hold advanced MDS degrees having successfully cleared various exams and stringent checks to achieve the clinical acumen. This noteworthy specialization empowers Clove Dental to effectively meet the nationwide demand for exceptional dental treatments, all backed by the collective expertise of their dentists.

One of the key factors in Clove Dental’s success is its state-of-the-art treatments. The clinics are equipped with the latest advancements in dental technology, making even the most complicated procedures more efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable for patients. Clove Dental excels in using cutting-edge laser dentistry, which is widely recognized for its effectiveness. Clove Dental undertakes all complex procedures starting from root canal to full mouth rehabilitation, advanced surgeries of jaws including fractures and pathologies, orthognathic surgeries, orthodontic correction using aligners and braces and the practice of Implantology using most recent techniques.

With their extensive experience and unwavering commitment to patient well-being, Clove Dental’s dentists have successfully catered to over 1.5 million customers in the past 12 years. As a result, their network of clinics has garnered widespread acclaim and has become a trusted and respected name in the dental industry, spanning across 26 cities.

In addition to its exceptional dental care, Clove Dental sets itself apart from others with its 4-step sterilization process, and exceptional patient care. radiation safety, sterile environment, transparency in prices, friendly layout, open on Saturday and Sunday and all specialties under one roof practiced by in-house specialists giving the patient end-to-end treatment. At Clove Dental, we take sterilization to the next level with our AI-enabled dental chair with computer vision named DORI, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and patient safety, which is monitored centrally.

This meticulous approach instills confidence in patients and contributes to the continued trust placed in the Clove Dental brand by thousands of patients every month since its inception every month.

Mr. Amarinder Singh, CEO of Clove Dental, expressed his pride in the accomplishment, stating, “We take immense pride in building the largest network of skilled dentists and specialists across the nation, spread over 400+ locations. Our commitment is to provide top-notch treatment and individualized care, making quality dental services accessible across the country. Our dentists constitute the core of our commitment and we’re proud of our journey. “

Lt. Gen Dr. Vimal Arora, Chief Clinical Officer of Clove Dental, expressed his pride in the accomplishment, stating, “We are proud to have assembled the largest network of dentists and specialists in the country, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality treatment and personalized care. Our team of highly qualified dentists undergo regular training and attend dedicated workshops to follow the best international practices.

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