Aims to Empower Women, ‘Pink Healing Hands’ women’s Group Launched in New Delhi on Int’nl Women’s Day

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Aims to Empower Women,

Pink Healing Hands, an all-women group for women was launched on International Women’s Day to celebrate women by Chief Guest, Mr. H. N Sharma, Legal Expert, and Ms. Shabina Khan, founder and entrepreneur at Press Club of India on March 11, 2023.

Mr. Veer Sachin Aadavanshi, Founder Chairman, FFW Group of Company, Prof. Jaseem, Chair Person, Narendra Modi Study Kendra, and Mr. Habib Akhtar, Veteran Journalist were special guests at the program

Founder Ms. Shabina Khan launched the Group to the world and gave an insight into the group’s modus operandi. She said, “The group is bound to empower women in all possible respect from health to self-defense to self-reliance and creating a better world for girls and women. We thrive to make our surroundings better for women.”It’s her Motive is a women’s exclusive event that commits to highlighting and uplift female talent.

She further said, “We feel proud to announce the launch of our latest initiative focused on women’s empowerment, safety, and self-defense. As an organization committed to promoting gender equality and ending violence against women, we believe that every woman should feel safe and confident in her ability to protect herself. Our capabilities begin where your imagination ends. You educate the world if you educate one woman.”

Prof. Jasmen, Chairperson, of Narendra Modi Study Kendra, said, “Through this new program, we will be offering a range of resources and services designed to support women in developing the skills and knowledge they need to stay safe and defend themselves against any potential threats. Our goal is to empower women to take control of their own safety and well-being, and to provide them with the tools they need to succeed.”

The group will be working on four verticals namely Women’s Empowerment, Women’s Self-Defense, Legal Support to Women, and Health and Hygiene Awareness.

Mr. H. N Sharma and Mr. Veer Sachin Aadavanshi promised to provide help and support to the group in all possible ways. At the program, the women and the organizations working for women’s cause were awarded ‘Women Excellence Award2023’ for their excellence and contributions. You educate a woman you educate the world.

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