Actor got his voice back after successful Microlaryngeal surgery in Apex Superspeciality Hospitals

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Mumbai – The real happiness of a doctor lies in their patients’ betterment and happiness. A doctor always makes sure that their patients receive the best treatment. Thus to take more right and perfect care of your voice, Apex Super Speciality Hospital, has introduced a dedicated state-of-the-art clinic for all voice, swallowing and airways problems, the SWAR Voice and Swallowing clinic, where patients will get treatment for all the diseases related to voice and throat. This Clinic is the first of its kind in the whole of the western suburb located in Borivali. Just as nature has given everyone a different face, anatomy so has given the gift of voice. In that if the person is an actor, his voice becomes his identity but if due to some reason the larynx i.e. vocal cord in medical terms is injured, the person goes under a different stress. Senior actor Anil Gavas, who is known for his acting in Marathi theatre, films and web series, recently underwent a successful throat surgery at Swar Voice and Swallowing Clinic at Apex Super Specialty Hospitals, Borivali.

Giving more information about this, Dr. Binhi Desai ENT and Voice Surgeon – Otorhinolaryngologist at Apex Superspeciality Hospital, Borivali. says, “Actor Anil Gavas suddenly started experiencing hoarseness and double voice. His throat started hurting when he spoke. Patient is an actor and a professional voice user. He had complaints of hoarseness for more than 6 months. He was losing out on important work projects. He was very sad and depressed due to it.His family doctor suggested to visit Dr. Binhi Desai at Swar Voice and Swallowing clinic, Apex Superspeciality Hospitals, Borivali West. We performed Stroboscopy, which is the gold standard test for voice problems and diagnosed him with a huge , vascular mass arising from the right vocal fold and filling the whole voice box. He was very red due to high blood supply. As the mass was so big, it was also affecting the movement of the right vocal fold, so we advised surgery- Microlaryngeal surgical excision of the mass. The surgery was successfully performed with complete removal of the mass. It was a huge benign mass measuring approximately 1 cm. Post procedure, gradually the patient resumed his normal voice and normal work. Microlaryngeal surgery, also known as phonomicrosurgery, is a workhorse procedure that deals with a variety of laryngeal conditions, including benign vocal fold lesions, vocal fold paralysis, vocal fold scarring, vocal fold leukoplakia or cancer, and airway stenosis.”

Singers, teachers, lawyers, actors in stage shows, persons in the drama-cinema field, and political persons are likely to suffer from larynx disease. Many people have a misconception that voice is a gift of nature and it stays with us till the end. Due to Mimicry, continuous singing and chanting, polluted air, contaminated water can also damage the larynx. Many times due to cold and flu, the larynx swells, the voice becomes hoarse and if we do not treat it, the larynx, i.e. in medical terms, the vocal cord can be irreparably damaged, said Dr. Binhi Desai. Damage to the laryngeal nerve can result in loss of voice or obstruction to breathing. Laryngeal nerve damage can be caused by injury, tumors, surgery, or infection. Damage to the nerves of the larynx can cause hoarseness, difficulty in swallowing or breathing, or the loss of voice.

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