RV University’s Teen Indie Film Awards (TIFA) 2024 recognize excellence in filmmaking.

Bangalore, 21 March 2024: The Teen Indie Film Awards (TIFA), an international platform that recognizes and celebrates excellence, ideation, and creativity in film production, announced 15 winners who bagged top honors in various categories featuring films made by teen and young filmmakers from all over the world. TIFA 2024, a four-day film festival, witnessed more than 300 entries from 30 countries across six continents. Indian filmmakers secured leading positions, bagging top honors across categories. The winners are listed below:


  • 13–19 age—Teen Filmmakers Category
  • Best Film: Supernova, Niamh Collins, Ireland
  • Best Director: Stanzin Idzes, Ri, Ladakh, India
  • Best Actor in a Leading Role: Abhishek Kalal, LEFT, India
  • Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Prof. V. Krishnappa, Park Sketch, India
  • Best Essay/Experimental Film: Mosaic—Isabel Park, Australia
  • Best Story Award – Fence: Maryam Rezaei, Iran
  • Best Technical Achievement Award: Khaali, Biswajyoti Sahoo, India
  • Best Costume/Styling: Lullaby Blues, Ethan Jeffrey, Canada
  • Best Ensemble (left) : Rachana N. Jamadagni and Team, India
  • Best Film RVU: Park Sketch, Ningrin Andrew Jamang
  • Audience Choice Award (left): Rachana N. Jamadagni, India

20–25 Age: Emerging Young Filmmakers category

  • Best Emerging Young Filmmaker (Fiction): Alone, Arthur Casez, France
  • Best Emerging Young Filmmaker [Essay/Experimental]: Prarambh, Nitin Marskole, India
  • Best Emerging Young Filmmaker [Animation]: Crosswalk, Yeji Choi, North Korea
  • Audience Choice Award: Love Note, Janvi, India

Stanzin Idzes, acclaimed as the Best Director for ‘Ri’, expressed her heartfelt appreciation for TIFA 2024, saying, “I am grateful to TIFA for providing Ladakh a platform to share its rich cultural narratives. This award is dedicated to all the young filmmakers and storytellers out there. This award gives me strength to tell more stories, thereby touching many more hearts.”

She further added, “Remember, you have the power. Just grab your camera or your phone. I filmed my movie using my phone; so don’t hesitate, just start filming.”

TIFA also saw the Bangalore premiere of three critically acclaimed feature films: The Song Keepers (Australia) as its opening film and 1947: Brexit India and Udd Jaa Nanhe Dil from India as the closing documentary and closing feature film, respectively. Aishwarya Yadav, producer of the closing film, Udd Ja Nanhe Dil, commented, “TIFA 2024’s experience has been remarkable. Being part of discussions and classes with these young minds has been inspiring.” “It was wonderful to share The Song Keepers with TIFA 2024 and the next generation of young filmmakers,” opined the director of the opening film, Naina Sen, who flew down from Australia to join the TIFA opening ceremony.

Appreciating TIFA as a platform with a curation vision tributing the Oscars, Mr. Sanjivan Lal, Filmmaker of the Closing Documentary Premiere 1947: Brexit India, said, “Congratulations on the third edition of TIFA 2024. A platform like TIFA brings out the creative expression in the youth at a time when the youth is going through an identity crisis and challenges in communications.”.

Critic, author, and Vice-Chairperson, Children Film Society of India, Ms. Rinki Roy Bhattacharya, who’s latest book, ‘The Oldest Love Story: A Motherhood Anthology’, which was unveiled at TIFA 2024, said, “I was thrilled to be a part of TIFA 2024 as it opened up so much new potential of cinema to young audiences.”

Speaking about TIFA, Ms. Tarini Manchanda, documentary filmmaker, Public Service Broadcasting Trust, Mellon Foundation, Global Green Grant, and speaker said, “TIFA 2024 was organized with a deep understanding of film, media, and art. The students were very impressive and professional. I particularly enjoyed the curation of films, especially those that questioned conventions. Each film was a testament to the love for cinema, expression, and creativity.”

“TIFA 2024 is providing opportunities for young people to express their creativity through films.” exclaimed Mr. Tiakumzuk Aier, Jury member and Director, Dreamz Unlimited, Nagaland.

Complimenting the winners, Prof. (Dr.) Y.S.R. Murthy, Vice Chancellor, RV University, said, “I am delighted to see the creativity and passion of young and emerging filmmakers. At RV University, it has been our privilege to create an ecosystem for students that allows them to unleash their creativity and showcase it on an international platform.”

Prof. (Dr.) Piyush Roy, Professor and Founding Dean, School of Film, Media, and Creative Arts, emphasized, “30 countries that contributed to this film festival celebrated their young filmmakers for what they did in the films. I thank the TIFA 2024 team and our student volunteers for their commitment and dedication to ensuring the phenomenal success of this festival.”

The four-day festival launched with the screening of award-winning Australian filmmaker Naina Sen’s The Song Keepers. Australia is also the focus country at TIFA 2024 for having the most films submitted, after the festival’s host and home country, India. The event witnessed the convergence of creative minds and industry leaders, fostering cultural exchange and collaboration between India and Australia in filmmaking.

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