Flash actor Khawahish calls Alia Bhatt her inspiration: I feel a strong connection to…

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26th June 2024: Every actor works hard to get their first big role. In the beginning of their careers, they often look up to and learn from other actors. Actress Khawahish, who recently made her OTT debut with Watcho Exclusives series ‘Flash,’ revealed why she admires Alia Bhatt and learnings from her talented Bollywood star.

Khawahish shared, “I don’t really have an idol, but I absolutely love Alia Bhatt. The way she effortlessly portrays any character is breathtaking to watch. I often wonder how she prepares and how easily she slips into any role. When I watch her, I can’t see Alia, only the character she’s playing.”

The actress who plays the role of Aksha Chauhan, in the series, added “My favourite movie of Alia Bhatt is “Highway.” I feel a strong connection to the character she portrays because it embodies a free-spirited nature, which resonates deeply with me. Exploring and being on the road are things I love, so I relate to that aspect of the character. I believe there’s always something to learn from every talented actor out there. Watching their performances and understanding their craft helps me grow as an actor myself.”

Her character Aksha Chauhan is defined by both kindness and determination. Initially perceived as sweet, her encounters with Vansh (played by Anshul Pandey), a portrait photographer, lead to interesting twists and turns in the Watcho Exclusives series. The actress, who made her OTT debut with the series is receiving a lot of love and adulation from all around.

When asked about her early days in the industry, Khawahish shared, “Even though this is my first acting gig, I’ve always had a strong connection with the camera, whether being behind it or in front of it. There was a time when I loved photography and videography, especially with content creation on Instagram, ads, or modelling. I’ve always loved being in front of the camera; it’s always been amazing. I still enjoy being behind the camera sometimes.”

Directed by Shaurya Singh, ‘Flash’ on Watcho Exclusives is a gripping series following Vansh Kundra, a talented portrait photographer, drawn into mystery during a routine shoot with enigmatic Aksha Chauhan. In a lavish yet eerie penthouse, unexpected events challenge Vansh’s reality. Unveiling lies and secrets, ‘Flash’ gradually reveals Aksha’s true identity and sinister forces, keeping viewers enthralled. Available exclusively on the Watcho App, Flash delivers a thrilling experience that will leave you wanting more.

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