Anthony Jeselnik’s Debut India Tour: 5 Reasons You Can’t Miss It, Presented by DeadAnt Live

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National, 04 July 2024: Get ready, India! The king of dark comedy, Anthony Jeselnik, is all set to make his India debut, bringing the ‘Bones and All’ tour to our shores. Presented by ‘The DeadAnt Loop’ — a new IP by DeadAnt Live that offers unparalleled live experiences across the country featuring comedy from around the world — the tour will see Jeselnik perform inDeadAnt Live, and Bengaluru from August 8th to 10th, 2024.

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Over a career spanning over two decades, Anthony has carved a niche for himself in the world of stand-up comedy. Here are five compelling reasons you shouldn’t miss Anthony’s maiden tour of India:

  • Experience Jeselnik’s Signature Dark Humour Live– Anthony Jeselnik is famous for his razor-sharp wit and dark humour. His comedy often dives into taboo subjects with a fearless, unapologetic approach that will leave you gasping for air, in the best way possible. Watching him live is an electrifying experience that just can’t be replicated through a screen.
  • Witness a Master of Delivery and Timing– Jeselnik’s comic timing and deadpan delivery is nothing short of impeccable. His ability to build up tension and deliver punch-lines with precision makes his live shows uniquely captivating. Each joke is a perfectly crafted piece of art that you need to see in person to truly appreciate.
  • A Rare Opportunity for Indian Audiences- This is Anthony Jeselnik’s first tour in India, making it a historic and rare event for comedy fans in the country. Don’t miss the chance to be part of the audience that gets to see one of the world’s top comedians perform live right in your city.
  • Engage with Thought-Provoking Comedy– Jeselnik’s humour does more than just make you laugh, it makes you think. His jokes challenge societal norms and provoke thought, offering sharp insights wrapped in wickedly funny packages. It is comedy that entertains and stimulates the mind, leaving you laughing and pondering long after the show ends.

Join a Night of Unforgettable Laughter- There’s nothing quite like the atmosphere of a live comedy show. The shared laughter, the collective gasps, the contagious energy of a room full of comedy fans, it’s an experience like no other. Jeselnik’s ‘Bones and All’ act promises a night of side-splitting laughter that you’ll be talking about for weeks.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his comedy, this tour offers a rare and exciting opportunity to enjoy a night of exceptional standup comedy. So, mark your calendars for August 8th to 10th, 2024 and grab your tickets here for a night of unparalleled humour in Mumbai, Delhi, or Bengaluru. Get ready for an unforgettable and hilarious evening!

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