The Class of One organises Baisakhi celebration event to connect children to their roots

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India’s leading online academia The Class of One(TCO1) organized a Baisakhi celebratory event on 14th April for middle and senior wing students. The aim of the Baisakhi celebration was to make students aware of the importance and essence of the Baisakhi festival and how intrinsic it is to Indian culture. The students learned that Baisakhi is known by multiple names in different states of India like Pohela Boishakh, Bohag Bihu, Puthandu, Ugadi, and Pooram Vishu the event.

The spring-harvest festival, Baisakhi is celebrated with special food, dresses, and rituals, all of which were communicated to students effortlessly.

The students were also quizzed and asked to identify the map of different Indian states. The student who gave the answer first was felicitated.

Commenting on the event, Divya Jain, Founder & Director, of The Class of One, said, “Through our event, we attempted to educate students about the cultural importance of the Baisakhi festival. It was also an effort to connect students to their roots. We were elated to see the enthusiastic participation of children.”

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