Students imparted awareness about road safety rules

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Students imparted awareness about road safety rulesGurugram: KIIT World School , Gurugram Students of class 8 imparted awareness about road safety rules . Students also made several posters to spread awareness on traffic rules.

During this, the students are aware about following the traffic rules while walking on the road and also to travel safely. Students also appealed to wear helmets while driving, wear seat belts in the car, do not drive under the influence of alcohol and follow traffic rules. They also informed about police action against negligence while driving. Additionally, children are also encouraged to prioritize the well-being of unhelmeted individuals by giving them floral tokens as a symbol of support and encouragement.

Principal of  KIIT World School  Dr .Neelima Kamrah,  said that road safety is a serious issue nowadays which has become a matter of deep concern in our society. If a person dies in a road accident due to negligence, the lamp of that family and home gets extinguished. Therefore, we all must follow traffic rules while driving. We should use footpaths to walk on the road. Vehicles keep moving at high speed on the road. In such a situation, it is safe to walk on the footpath. Apart from this, if you are traveling in a car then definitely use a seat belt. Also, if your parents are leaving you alone in the car and going shopping, then immediately refuse and stay with them.

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