Splashing their way to victory: JBCN International School unites families through the memorable JBCN 1 Mile Walk

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Splashing their way to victory

10th August 2023, Mumbai: To foster a love for outdoor activities and sneak in some exercise while having fun as a family, JBCN International School recently partnered with The Tridhaatu Monsoon 10K Run, Chembur. The JBCN 1 Mile Walk was organized for parents and children, making it an excellent way to promote overall health and well-being while indulging in the beauty of the rains which is refreshing and rejuvenating.

For the event, JBCN International School partnered with Sports United, which focuses on delivering unique experiences at sporting events, mainly organizing marathons and creating high-value experiences for all participants. Sports United’s flagship event, The Tridhaatu Monsoon 10K Run, Chembur, is one of the biggest and most popular 10K run in Mumbai, held annually during the Monsoon season since 2015. This edition witnessed over 1200 registrations across the 10K run and 1 Mile Walk.

Mr Kunal Dalal, Managing Director of JBCN Education, quotes, “The community’s enthusiastic response for the Tridhaatu Monsoon 10k Run, Chembur, filled us with delight. We witnessed over 500 participants across the JBCN 1 Mile Walk. At JBCN, we hold a strong belief in the importance of physical activities, as they play a vital role in reinforcing mental strength and the spirit of sportsmanship in our lives.”

Exercises like walking or running are therapeutic activities that reduce stress, boost creativity and improve attention span in children and grown-ups alike. Participating in running events emphasizes the spirit of teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship. It highlights the importance of setting and achieving personal milestones which boosts confidence. The JBCN 1 Mile Walk event raised awareness about the benefits of practicing physical fitness as a family and promoted bonding.

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